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So what's a KSF? It's my name for one of my favourite, most economical dishes... 'Kitchen Scrap Ferment'.

It's just chopped vegetable leftovers after a couple of meals fermented in a salt solution, but 'KSF' sounds pretty cool.

So... How do I make it?...

Wash, then chop your veggie and put them in a jar.

Add salty water and stir around to release trapped bubbles of air. The air contains oxygen which is no good to us for this dish.

I like to seal the veggies underwater with a slice of citrus. Keeping the veggies underwater and away from air is important. The citrus adds acidity and a nice tang.

Cover well with a lid or plastic wrap (recycled of course)! This stops extra air, bugs and dust from getting in.


It's an 'anaerobic' (without oxygen) process using anaerobic bacteria. That means that the bacteria don't like oxygen. The salt in the water stops the wrong bacteria from thriving. The acidity from the citrus helps too.

I used to often get mold on the top of many of my ferments because I didn't make sure the veggies were underwater and they got exposed to the small amount of air trapped under the lid.

Thinking on it, I mused 'I need a good way to keep the veggies under the water level, an air seal and acidity' (that helps both the fermentation and the taste). One day I was inspired to use a thick slice of excess grapefruit and have done that ever since with whatever citrus is handy).

I used to a use 5% salt solution (that's 50g of salt to a litre of water) but have found that as long as the water tastes distinctly salty, that's enough. Some folks go as high as 10% (100g / litre).

Once the jar is well sealed, it gets left for about 4 days at this time of year (warm Winter). Then I start to taste it. If it's just awesome, it goes into the fridge to slow it from fermenting any further and I can eat it at my leisure - nobody else in the family likes home made ferments, so it's all mine!

If it's not tangy enough, the jar stays out for a couple more days. It's really a personal thing and varies from batch to batch because the ingredients are always different.

I like surprises!


This is #originalwork. The pics or videos were taken by yours truly.

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You could totally start/continue a movement with a catchy acronym like that ;D

I love acronyms

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Wow the idea looks great on how you made it! I'll try :)

Let me know how it goes

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Thanks @curie

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Appreciate my friend for this post. It really have some value in it when it have its applications if implement properly worldwide. Actually, thought when I saw it as KSF and the blog is something related to food, then it might be similar likeKFC. Anyhow your name too sounds good.

This is a great idea which you had presented here. It can be definitely a must try, simple method for everyone to give a try. The photos are added its attraction too.

By the way Are you specialized in Foodology related to vegetables, if so I would like to know one thing. "How can we store carrots naturally without refrigeration:

Thank you for this post. These stuffs are really needs to be appreciated and curie was right to spot it for curation. Cheers.

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Thanks. I'm glad you got something out of it. As for storing carrots, you can easily dry them. From that you can make powder. Fermenting them works too. The other option is to store them on a mesh sheet out of direct sun and covered by a sack. Thats how my dad stored carrots and potatoes

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Thanks for the feed back buddy, the carrot question was for a) I am in to an organic veg online business now, since it is organic it is obvious that it wont last long and out of that carrots are damaging fast, so my query was for how to store carrots without losing its freshness for few days.

what type of mesh you are referring?

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Just steel mesh. Its to allow airflow so that humidity doesn't build up. It also keeps rats and mice out. Ours is just 8mm
Fermented carrot sticks are a favourite of mine

Never seen citrus mentioned in a ferment. I'd noticed the tiny orange (?) sections inside the jar mix and wondered about that. Then I saw the slice on the top. Very good idea!

Acidity helps keep the aerobic bacteria away. If you want to try fermented citrus, try fresh squeezing juice and let it sit in a warm place away from light until bubbles start to form, then try it. It's amazing!

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Now THAT is inspiring!!! Love it. I never thought of the citrus slice to weigh down and prevent mould - what a genius idea, gonna try this! Great post.

I reckon I should patent the idea...

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Thank you

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I love home made ferments! I have never used so many different veggies and do I see tangerines in there? :) I usually stick with cabbage or with a mixture of cabbage, paprika and carrot. But I should be more creative and try things like you do :)

Thank you for the inspiration!

It's good to experiment. I've found some incredible tastes from just mixing it up. This post was all about scrap, after all. Yes, there's mandarine in there. Fermented citrus is amazing. If you've been bitten by the fermenting bug, try fermenting various citrus juices... Fermented lemon juice is like a bomb going off in your mouth!

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I feel like a fermenting 'virgin' now :D I only try a couple of things but now I'm going to ferment lemon juice as it sounds like something what I would truly enjoy :)

I'm a way, you can't go wrong with fermentation. It's the most natural of processes. The only things I've found that can go wrong is to leave the ferment too long or to allow oxygen into the mix

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