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I think a lot of people are intimidated by raw pork but this recipe seriously could not be any easier. I know I was a little intimidated by the prospect but I keep seeing it so cheap at the supermarket and I had some roast pork loin on a cruise recently that was really good and my son really enjoyed. On sale it was $2.99 a pound, that's cheaper than some vegetables!

I didn't really plan on making a post of this so my pictures are a little sub par. This came out so good and is so easy I just had to share it. If you don't normally cook you could make this and impress your partner or family. All you need to make it is a pork loin, meat thermometer, roasting dish and a jar of adobo seasoning, adobo is salt and pepper and garlic and such all mixed together.


I like this thermometer because you can set the temperature and leave the probe in and then it beeps when it reaches the set temperature. This device is key for any sort of roast meat especially turkey and pork, it takes away all the guess work, for this recipe set your thermometer to 145 F. Preheat your oven to 425 F.

Here is the hard part, ready? Take your pork loin out of the wrapper and put it in the dish, sprinkle a coating of adobo on it and then flip it over and sprinkle the other side, don't be shy with the seasoning. Stick the thermometer in the thickest part and put it in the preheated oven, that was the hard part. Wipe down the counter and wash your hands really well for food safety reasons.


I use this Corningware for meatloaves and small hams and it is perfect. It will take right around 20 minutes per pound but go by the thermometer. When the thermometer says it is ready check one or two other spots to make sure all of it is up to 145 F, I found a cooler spot so it took about 5 minutes more after the first time the temperature alarm went off. Take it out and let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes, don't skip this part, letting all meat rest is important but even more so with this sort of pork, you don't want it to dry out. To let it rest put a little foil loosely over the dish. That's it you are done!


Red on the outside is good, pink on the inside is bad.

Slice it up and you are good to go, I made a box of rice pilaf which is like a buck and a bag of frozen organic broccoli which is like $2, so that's dinner for 4 with plenty of meat left over for sandwiches or lunch for like $7-8. Make this and your family will think you are a rock star. My son had thirds and my wife had no complaints, that's a home run! It would be good with some BBQ sauce or some sort of chutney but I didn't put anything on it and it was juicy and delicious. If you don't have or don't like the adobo seasoning you could probably use Montreal steak seasoning or really any seasoning blend and I think this would come out great.

This is going to go into regular rotation for me, it is cheap and easy and awesome and that is how I roll. Have you ever been intimidated by the other white meat?

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If you like that get a pork butt, (I've used roast or sirloin roast also) put a slit in it and pour some of your hot sauce into the slit then slide a garlic glove (I usually split the cloves) into the slit, do this about every inch all the way around, you can either use your own seasoning or go online and get Emerils Essence recipe mix and rub that all over the meat, lightly grease frying pan or use a dutch oven to brown all sides up in a frying pan then roast until done in a oven. If you use a dutch oven you can just roast it in that.


sounds good but that's too much work for me, I just sprinkle and toss it in the oven.


.....even if you skip the hot sauce and the every inch or so putting a couple slits in a piece of pork that small and inserting the garlic wouldn't be much effort and the roasted garlic inside the pork is go fantastic.