First Weekly Airhawk Bestie Revealed

in contests •  8 months ago

Airhawk has landed...Saturday night is a night to remember, on this discord hangout, server with @zizymena!!! Whereby she makes, fun with gentleman and ladies on relationship tips, wow you missed our today’s show...well come next week and enjoy yourself.

Again airhawk started rewarding best active user on the server the first of it kind, and this will be reveal every week along side with zizy show every saturday. It was fun as the winner go with many bounty.

For this week Airhawk Bestie is @diamondrich after the active users voted her in and she won to herself upvote worth $1, 10Ezira token, 10platforms token, 10hairshares and 1000 airtime.


Do you know you can be next week Airhawk Bestie join now and be active.

One love.💙💙

Thank you notification to @johnskotts @akrid @dreamchasser and every airhawk members you guys rock!!!

@samest Reporting for Airhawk-Project.

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Shared with over 10,000 followers :) congrats @diamondrich


Thank you @crystalhuman for your wishes. Welcome to airhawk-project server channel

Oh....i missed
Nice job you guyz are doing

Congratulations @diamondrich, you are, in my eyes, one the the most active members I’ve seen, well are my first Airhawk-Project girl I meet, and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone else, your a definite HODL...1❤️ @samest, thank you for your ongoing support, always. You are our rock, so like you said, you are a true rocker...


Thank you mylove😘

Congratulations on your achievement awards, well done.


Thanks dear

Wow.... Amazing...

Can I have the link to the discord Chanel please

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Congratulations to the winner!

Thank you @samest, thank you everyone that gave me this success and thank you @airhawk-project for this wonderful opportunities and award.
Onelove to all members of #airhawk-project discord channel.