Winner and a new Steem Monsters Giveaway

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Hello I need to win more good ones to keep giving out rare rewards. That is why the winner from this post got a free card but won't freak out.

The winner is..
2019-03-05 21_14_01-Picker _ Steem comment winner - Brave.png

Your card has been sent @teutonium

2019-03-05 21_17_51-PeakMonsters - Brave.png

I am going to do another giveaway.I will be using this tool to pick the winner. so please only one comment. All you need to do is make any comment and you have a chance to win. The ContestKings have this rule. "No Upvote, No Follow, and No Resteem needed to join the giveaway." So that is not needed to enter but thank you if you do. I will send the card out after the payout of the post. This is card you can win.

2019-03-05 21_21_48-Steem Monsters - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Brave.png
Level 2 Sea Genie

Also I have a few questions for you. Have you tried Drug Wars? It is free to play and you can earn some steem. Is a old school browser based game but with new stuff coming. Have you heard of @magicdice and tried it yet? Maybe check it out with my link Cause if you play and I earn some money I can buy more cards to giveaway. Thanks for coming by my giveaway.

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I've tried drug wars but won't be spending any money on it. I haven't tried magic dice as I'm not keen gambling.

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Jo dude, I´m playing drugwars, too. Intresting now with the battles... but I mostly don´t find fitting enemys. and magicdice... hmm... i tried it, but lost more that i win. No game for me ;)

Nice giveaway! Sea Genie is a nice card! So, I´m in!

Wow level 2 sea genie, count me in.


I'm a lucky girl.

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thanks 4 the giveaway

i love these contests

good luck to all !!

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