Winner Post and New SteemMonster Giveaway

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Okay it is time to giveaway another card. It is from this giveaway postThe winner is.

2019-03-05 21_32_43-Picker _ Steem comment winner and 4 more pages ‎- Microsoft Edge.png

Your card has been sent. @blog-beginnercongrats
2019-03-05 21_33_09-PeakMonsters and 4 more pages ‎- Microsoft Edge.png

So I am still in the low level only win 4 cards so I have to give away some small ones for now. I will giveaway a better card soon. I will be using this tool to pick the winner. so please only one comment.

2019-03-05 21_32_27-Microsoft Edge.png
Silvershield Archers

All you need to do is comment anything you want on the post. Include your username if it is different than your steem name. Also I have a question for you? Have you tried Drug Wars This is my referral link to a game that will take you back to the ones you played in high school on at TI-83 or maybe a browser game. But you can get free steem not a lot. You can invest steem to earn more but that is on you. I will send out the card after the post payout.

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Hi White List Author!

Thanks for being part of our contest community.

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I still need Silvershield Archers count me in.

Thank you very much for this contest.
I already started also drugwars, but it goes very slow if you want not to invest steem

I'm in

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I'm in, too! ^^

Thanks for hosting. Count me in

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I'm in

Thanks for your generosity.


Good luck to me :)

I'm in and already started also with Drugwars.

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