Daily Splinterlands Card Giveaway #52

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Hello SteemMonsters community! I want to share cards with you!

Welcome to this new edition of my Daily SteemMonsters card giveaway.

The winner of the previous edition is: @gillianpearce

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Congratulations for winning, your card has been sent!

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I want to thank all the users who have participated in my giveaways:

@mk992039 @dmercadoelis @lphnfotografia @guurry123 @semilla @rogmy @cacri @laxmanmah @jmehta @chireerocks @fidemanzo @tggr @hmayak @annepink @knistermann @afrinsultana @akbarbadsha @alibaba987 @stranger27 @gillianpearce @elpenyar @minloulou @wonderwop @blind-spot @gregan @akomoajong @mango-juice @eii @minimining @minhaz007 @gregory-f @d-zero @cryptofrancois @masoom @adal111 @monsterplayer @swayzilla @vimukthi @threejay @joelsegovia @clove71 @bala41288 @richi0927 @ifeoluwa88 @pedrocanella @pataty69 @barmbo @bonfi @nayhlaingsoe @aggamun @philippekiene @globetrottergcc @dogcatcowpig @prince99italy @itharagaian @javiermurillo @road2horizon @sashas @minimining @lordwinty
@yousafharoonkhan @maxgolden @lebastion @dogcatcowpig @maxgolden @odeis @omnipotentape @lordwinty @doggodfroglog @obelus

If you don't want to be tagged in this publication, leave a message

Now, for this new edition remember the only rule:
Write your SteemMonsters username and tag at least a friend like this:

Me: username
Tagging: username

The winner will be define using randomresult.com
The winner will get a random card from my deck

No follow, No resteem, No upvote is required to win, but would be appreciated

Don't you know how to play SteemMonsters? Visit this post! to learn more about it.

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Interesting game, I will miss it since I quit.

Posted using Partiko iOS

You can play it again!

Me: richi0927
Tagging: oleg5430

Posted using Partiko Android

me: @barmbo
tag: @kirstin

thanks for the card @camiloferrua. i appreciate it. Tagging @pedrocanella.

You're welcome!

Me: @eii
Tagging: @anouk.nox.spt