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RE: Laugh at yourself:contest / Rire de soi: concours (ENG/FR)

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I don't know if this is eligible but I'll post about it anyway.

My current 'insecurity' is that I'm being constantly trolled by a knuckle-dragging scumbag on the site named mathiasian. I have a slight worry that he might achieve his life-time ambition by flagging someone to oblivion.

I laugh that he has such an ambition, however.
I find it hilarious that what he is doing is up there with the highlights of his life. For it must be some life he's living! (/irony)

He's flagged half my posts (as I said) but he's hardly breaking my spirit. If anything, I feel I'm growing stronger from it and I think I will still prevail in the end.

People are seeing him for what he is. (He's a nasty little racist with a particular hatred for jews. I have nothing for / against jews - though I don't like their religion, I'm atheist, you see - but someone had to take a stand against him and I guess that someone was me.)

With every action of his, he might get some support from his little community of bottom-feeders but I know the bigger picture is that the other 99.999% will probably find it more than a little distasteful the way he is.

And therefore his brand-growth WILL suffer.

I'm being downvoted and I do have my faults, I accept. But I'm hardly a plagiarist or anything like that. So, I do like to think that even if he ever succeeds in getting my rep below 25 so my posts are hidden, anyone who has dealt with me will still consider hitting that show button. The posts I've written about his scumbag behaviour have still generated a fair few views even whilst hidden. So, with every passing day, he's still being found out more and more.

I also have a fair few transferable skills / attributes: Good English (I taught it once). 50 wpm typing (I think he types by banging his head on his keyboard - lol) Analytical thinking and a great curiosity. I wouldn't take me on if I was as limited as he is, but the boy's got balls, I guess. A peanut for a brain, but he's ballsy.

So the fool is probably hurting himself more than he's hurting me. IMHO.

And for that I'm laughing hard.

I expect this will be flagged soon, but there you go. Either way, great post and whilst I'm fully heterosexual, I can see you're still a good-looking guy and that smile will open doors for you! There are a lot of people a lot worse off than you. Take my troll for instance - please, someone take him! ;) (That's a play on an old gag.)

Great contest idea. :D


Thanks :) I know that now its just kids can be a******** sometimes, I actually like it now its just some effects that linger and I also do know im more blessed than most in my country. As for your situation I think you guys should try and talk it out like maybe on discord or something else otherwise you might make yourselves miss out on some rewards and exposure and you might drag unwitting parties in the process. And as for your eligibility its all about how many positive reactions your comment will get but in the future I wont be tolerating personal, religious or political beefs!!

Lol. I can remove it if you like.

I don't think there's any talking to that kind of person. Do you? The original incident was over a silly meme I posted that he didn't like. I asked why he downvoted it when he could have simply discussed it with me, man-to-man and you know what his response was? He evaded the subject, accused me of over-reacting and then continued downvoting my posts at an even greater rate.

So, he's not a rational kind of person. He's probably uneducated and not very bright. He can't be encouraged and he has to be stood up to. Appeasement doesn't work with his kind. He'll probably learn the hard way in life and his lesson will come. Me, I'm kind of studying him. Thinking deeply on the subject of how to tackle him. In fact, I've learnt so much since I encountered him, I kind of appreciate having found him / been found by him.

He's not good for the site. Or the planet. Do you like racist bullies?

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