Prediction contest and giveaway BTC/LTC/ETH -- WIN SBD and have some FUN

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Hello hello :)

Since I am new to Steemit I thought it would be a good idea to do a contest on the cryptocurrency market and give you a chance to earn some SBD and give me a chance to become more well known.

So the rules:



(resteem or anything is completly up to you but ofcourse much appreciated!)

You will have to predict if  20th of December the closing time on CoinMarketCap of the price of BTC, ETH and LTC will be higher or lower than it is now. My main interest and content that I will create will be based around cryptos and their value so this seemed a good way to get started!

Current BTC price: $17706

Current ETH price: $599.61

Current LTC price: $317.51 

Price structure: 50% of the SBD reward from this post will be used  to payout prices, therefore the more upvotes the higher the prices.

The price money will be divided among all participants who have all 3 predictions correct. 

If there is noone then it will be divided among all with 2.

If noone then with 1 correct.

If for some reason everyone has everything wrong then it will be divided among everyone!

Another 25% of the SBD will be RANDOMLY given to any participant (if you resteem you get 1 extra entry). 

So a total of 75% of SBD will be given away / can be won.

Lets have some fun, hopefully you will earn some nice SBD and enjoy my content in the future!

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Welcome to @zephy! Hope you will love this platform like we all do :) I upvoted/followed/resteemed you.

Since we are in a bull run right now, I think that the BTC and ETH prices will be higher than they are now by December 20th, but LTC may correct. This is only my opinion and in NO WAY trading advice.

I like your predicition, I would personally also agree with this assesment, although the market including LTC seems rather bullish at the moment.

Prize: 0.1815 SBD to the winner
and 0.09075 SBD to the random.

When Coinmarket cap announces historical data I will announce winners

Voting is closed!

All of them end higher in my opinion.

Interesting, I think most people will share this opinion, lets see if you are right :)

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@Anomaly want to join up? Here is the contest page.

I will follow you looking forward to read your posts

i think all of this crypto coin will go down on that date till end of christmas time😊👍

btc: lower
eth: lower
ltc: higher

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