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Thanks for the contest! Here is my entry! Hope that you enjoy!



Yay!!! I never win anything! Thank you so much fot the contest and vote! I already followed you, and will be sure to keep an eue out for futuee contests. I love memes! Thanks again!

You've got me thinking! There are some good entries already and they're really funny. It's hard to think of something original but maybe I'll join tomorrow. Nice contest! Haha!

Meme 2878.jpg


Daily Meme Contest  Best Meme Wins A 100  Upvote  — Steemit.jpg

That's a warning Mister ;)

This is my entry :


Good luck for everyone!

Picture his head beneath the it cannot be unseen


I have followed your instruction, guide me aditionally if possible.




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Thats so funny

My participation :


Hello everybody,

This is my entry for the contest:
entry 11.jpg

Good evening! This is my proposition
Good luck

I participated



Gif maybe didn't granted!


it's because I like to make it.

I wish i could take part in this competition.That's a great initiative.Hope to take part in next timeHe is claiming bribe.@resteem


Ama beat the smoking daylights outta you.

Here is mine.. :D

Hy all
I just started to giveaway SBD on this account
Check to participate

awesome,sir. Your funny post is a great. i also like your post........

This is my entry


I hope i will win this contest. :)
God Bless all :D

This is my entry.


I was tryin ;/

hi steemin!

I have followed your instruction, guide me aditionally if possible. this my wallet.

This reaction for all funny selfie queen!

Take a look at my entry: I hope you like it.


This is my entry for the contest!

funny face.. lol

good luck for everyone

LOL many meme :D

My entry 1E89E940-44DE-497A-A199-227739063F3F.jpeg

It's my fourth time entry in your contests lol😂


And what is the reward of the other contests?! I received nothing and everybody who participate aren.t receiving as well!! I participated in the one with the frog!

Very unique contest, thanks for sharing this contest with us and please find my piece below. Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


I wish i could take part in this competition

Wow kkk

Here is my entryF053CE81-A8EE-4A25-BFE6-951B96BE2CC4.jpeg