TRAVEL PRO PRICE IS RIGHT GAME! #37: Inhaler - Kiev Ukraine (play and win steem!)

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Simply guess the price of the item recently purchased in the given location. The contestant who comes closest wins one steem token.

Leave your guess in the comments in US dollars. The correct price and the winner will be announced and sent their prize the following week.


Location: Kiev Ukraine

Item: Albuteral Inhaler for Asthma

Thanks for playing!

Last week's Winner: @josephdaniela12 Wins Twice in a Row! Congratulations with a guess of $0.35
Kiev Ukraine: One Ripe Fig = $0.36

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Oh man, does that mean your asthma is back? :( You might need to live by the sea, just like me...

$7.50 is my guess.


Haha....I ate a bunch of crap for a week. Donuts and cakes and stuff. I stopped and I'm like 99% better and I moved to the sea too! Odessa on the Black sea. Where I am now.


Good to hear you are feeling better already :) So you moved to Odessa? How do you like there? What is the climate like?

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Thanks buddy. Much appreciated!

maybe 3.25$

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My guess is $6

$5.00 USD

My guess is$12


Ooooh that's good for me, thanks friend!
My assumption for this is $ 4.00