Mini-Contest!!! What Pet Would You Have On Steemit? (3 Hours) 2 Upvotes

in contest •  4 months ago

So I posted this idea that we should have pets and clothing on our profile page that work like crypto kitties:

I think this could be huge so I will link it in a few of my posts. Please spread the word if you agree.

But back to the contest.

If you could buy or design a unique pet for your avatar on steemit what would it be? Maybe a dog or a cat? Or would you go more wild with a unicorn or a dino? You can also go the accessory route too for the contest. Maybe you want a cool hat or a suit?

The top two comments will get an upvote and there will be runners-up.

And please spread the word of avatars and pets on steemit


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I hate to be so obvious, but mine would, of course, have to be an Orc. But a rather ravishing one.
I would want her to convey that she may tear your arm off and beat you to death with it, or just maybe, she will hold your hand and skip with you through a dungeon crawl. But you can never be 100% sure.
This is the kind of pet I need. One that invokes simultaneous fear and awe.

Or a wallaby.

I can't decide.

I obviously need a baby tapir.



Haha. One more thing to add to my Book of Getting to Know Tim..


See this post for way more tapirs.


Thank you!


Winner because that thing is adorable.

A unicorn would be fun but nah, that's too cute for me :P
So I thought, what's like a unicorn but not so cute.

Rhino!!! the single horn, just bigger and badder.

Imagine a grim Rhino pet which body amour of steel and "Steem" right out of it nostrils. :D
With perhaps an apple stuck on it's horn... Weird right?


Runner-up vote

My Steemit AvartarSteemit Avartar.jpg


Runner-up vote for the personal touch.


Thanks @whatageek for selecting me and hope to join you again.

After Going to the Giraffe Center yesterday, I would definitely want a Giraffe Avatar. They are Such a Beauty to Behold. More Importantly, It made me realise how fortunate we are to have so many species of them in my country. So Giraffe it is. Hopefully, fingers crossed, this initiative does pick up tremendously. Xo

I'm torn with 2 choices: an Alpaca or a Capybara...

Maybe fuse them both will do. ;)

I want a tiger.
I want a TIGER !



Runner-up vote


Direbear can carry quite a lot of weight, go long distance at a decent pace. Could eat lots of fish or fruit depending on what It found ;)

I'm sure he saying "hello" in that screenshot and was not trying hunt me at that time.

I would like to have a Tiger. When I need it I can send my Tiger after a Steemonian. There seem to be quite some people that need to have a meeting with my Tiger.

And in case Bernie (the Grizzly bear) comes after my Tiger, he can easily climb in a tree.

A pet avatar for my steemit would be a wolf, always on the hunt, prowling, gaining ground, imposing, overprotective, fighter.

I could buy my unique Pet Avatar I will like to have a Elephant.

I think avatars for me, should also be chosen based on people's personality, for example, maybe a person who is a lover of the wild wild west can go for a cowboy's hat as an avatar, and a lover of music will use a rhymic or symphonic symbol as an avatar or maybe even headphones, extinct animal lovers may use unicorns. Steemit can provide these avatars based on people's niche and personality.

But for me basically I'm a bookie, I love books and writting and that's why I'd use a pen writing on a paper, with a little glitters of designs on it.

pets ......... thats why i have a girlfriend :p

a weasel, do not ask why

Id rather like a cat!

Mine is actually very specific. I am not sure if you could call it a pet but I basically want a Balrog that meditates. So it would be a meditating Balrog and here is the concept art I drew for it:



The pet he loved was the cat

I would choose a Pokemon! Trademarks and licensing may be an issue though.