Here is a easy quiz for everyone | Earn STEEM

in contest •  2 months ago

Earn steem by guessing the main subject of this image. Tell me what is this thing in the image and I will reward the person.


The winner will get 50% of the liquid steem of the author rewards of this post.

The rules are simple. Just comment your guesses below. The first person who guesses correctly will be the winner.

I will be sharing the results after the post payout. I hope many people will participate as this is a very easy game.

Support this contest by upvoting this post so that I can have more steem to give to the winner. Share this post with your friends and resteem it to help reach it to more people.
I am waiting for your entries. Comment fast and stay tuned for the results.

Good luck!

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Have a wonderful day❤️
Peace ✌🏻
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It looks like a vase or something...


Thanks for participating. The answer will be revealed tonight.

I guess it is a lamp shade. I mean the one that covers the table lamp.


Thanks for participating. The answer will be revealed tonight.


What's it ?? 😓


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