ICON Digital Network Token Design Contest: Win Steem For Your Design!

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We appreciate your entries to the token design contest for ICON DIGITAL NETWORK! We are getting close to finalizing our contest so this may be your last chance to put in a bid to win STEEM!

To reiterate:

  • We have specific preferences for the shades of gold and silver that we want to see in a design. We may or may not choose it as our winner, but we at least want to see it. Check out @evekonma's designs for the metallics we really like!
    @georgechuks has also made a really nice realistic metallic coin with shading/lighting which gives it great depth and dynamic! Its our overall favorite metallic coin so far!

COIN 2 SILVER 8-Recovered-Recovered.png

There is also a really great design by @bidesign which is a dual color, 3d and has really awesome digital node design which would be our overall favorite if the metallic were more realistic like above real metal aesthetic.


As you can see in comparison it looks "fake" instead of "real" though the design concept it self is awesome!

We want

  • 3D (almost all entries have been 2D so far!!)
  • Double sided
  • Engraved or embossed
  • "Eye" from the ICON logo on one side
  • ICON logo on the other (see this link & below for the winning design by @ambarabby!)
  • Potentially using the circle of life, Metatron’s cube, or other sacred geometry, and/or nodes, circuitry, and other digital elements

We gave our STEEM community first dibs because we love our STEEM community and we hope to see someone produce a design we love!

These are the metallics we like:

Here are the rules:

  1. Resteem this post.
  2. Using these specifications and the new logo, design a token to be used as cryptocurrency as well as a physical coin for ICON DIGITAL NETWORK.
  3. Submit your design as a comment on this post!
  4. We will resteem & upvote valid entries.
  5. Enter as many variations as you wish.
  6. Contest will run until we find a design we love.
  7. We will resteem and promote the winning entry*.
  8. Winning entry will receive 33 STEEM upon our receipt of vector (.ai or .pdf) and raster files (.jpeg or .png) on transparent background in full color, black, and white.
  9. Live Truth Productions LLC and @truthproductions becomes owner of the design.

*Winner will be chosen because we love the design and actually want to use it for our global venture ICON DIGITAL NETWORK. If we don't like any of the designs or can't use it for our project, no winner will be chosen. If we love what you've done, we may choose to work with you on future designs and projects. 

Have fun and STEEM ON!

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May precision in design come through and live up to the powerhouse this venture is already proving itself to be.




Is it possible to make this design using the gold/silver metallic colors used in our photos in this post? That would make it look more like real metal rather than yellow and silver. If you did that would really be the best coin.


Like it!

Isn t it better to make it 3d after your choice? =) Also what you mean by 3d. With poligons or 3d fliping animation is enough?. Most of design images simulates 3d. Or you want see some writing like Icon Digital Network on edges of coin.


Flipping animation would be cool, but not what we're asking for.

Here are some illustrations that still show a 3d design:

Hello @truthproductions, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!