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So I will likely close the first MB account to share sales once this round ends until we get @minnowbuilder3 up to 1000 sp owned. This is just my number and no real reason to the goal, but it's what I wanted to target. After MB3 we will open up MB4 and then MB5. More accounts I get opened up the more plankton we can support and that is important to me. While it's a nice profitable vote for those who buy shares it's also a great way to help build a more solid steemit with more growing smaller members.

As for buying shares and transferring them later, sure I'd be ok with that if you let me know in advance. Until the contest ends you would get the vote. Once you transfer them you have zero control and the winner will have full control of the shares. Just want to be clear on that part.

SBI is a great program and the person who runs it is someone I respect and enjoy chatting with. Very smart guy who has great plans for his program. Those shares do work great for giveaways as you also get a share in return. There are some key differences between our programs, but I feel both are solid.


Hi @thedarkhorse

Thank you for the reply and the details.

I have just bought another 10 shares for the competition giveaway, understood about the control of the shares after the competition, will let you know once I have the competition underway/have two winners.

Yes both of your programs are great for supporting Minnows... it is great for newbies like me who really want to try and make a go of making the best of being part of this community/blockchain.

The support you give and the work you are doing is much appreciated.

Thanks, Mark