Show me a snap contest win steem swag and sbd

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Show me a snap contest

It is time for the show me a snap contest. Winner will receive a deck of Steem Social Media Done Right playing cards and the sbd from this post. So the more upvotes this posts gets the more the winner will receive.



What is the Show me a snap of your life contest

If you are new to my blog it is a regular contest I do where I ask my readers to show me something in their life. It changes each contest. In the past I have asked to see your parks, waterways, selfies, favorite chair, ect.. I find it is a fun way to get to know my readers a little bit along with promoting my favorite site, it also allows me to steem swag all over the world with these contests and giveaways I do. That I hope will help grow the platform that I love.

This week I want to see a snap of your dinner

So I want to see what other people are having for dinner. So get your camera out and show me your snap. All photos entered must be a photo you took. I google image search all photo contest entries and flag stolen photos. So please don't do that.

Example of what I am looking for

I made mac and cheese, corn, a salad and steak for dinner tonight

How to enter

  1. Post a photo that you took in the comments below (All images are googled imaged searched stolen images will be FLAGGED)
  2. Tell me what your dinner is (Sometimes it is not obvious)

How to get a flag

1.There always seems to be someone who thinks they can get past the rules of using your own photo and someone enters a stolen image. I will Flag all stolen images 100% and will check your blog to see if you have other stolen content and flag appropriately. I hate to do that but it seems to be necessary to help prevent stolen content from being spread like it is original. I am a photographer by trade, and stolen images kind of piss disappoints photographers off.

  1. Spamming comments with links
  2. Asking for upvotes, follows or resteems

You do not have to upvote resteem or follow me to enter this contest

But the more this post makes the more the winner will win.

All Valid entries will receive an upvote

Winner will be picked at the payout of this post

Winners have 30 days to claim their prize or it will be awarded to a 2nd place winner. You will need to send me your mailing address if you win through a Direct message. I can be reach privately on, discord and twitter with the same user names as I use here check your spelling if you don't find me there is no h in my screen name tecnosgirl. With Discord you will also need my 4 digit tag so you will want to put in tecnosgirl#7681

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Saw this post last night, but it was after dinner. So here is a 'snap' of tonight's dinner. I even made a post about it! @ironshield

  • Steak tips
  • roasted green beans in garlic, lemon juice and salt and pepper.
  • corn on the cob (locally grown)
  • soft carrots tossed with garlic, butter and dill from our herb garden
  • Caprese Salad: tomatoes and cheese tossed with garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and basil (from our herb garden)

Ugh, I knew I should have taken a picture of my meal at this dive bar!! Oops 😎

Next time!

You got nearly 7 days to get one in.

Ohhh, fun. Well.. since my wife will be away this weekend, I'm going to be "cooking" for my son and I by myself .... I don't know what kind of gourmet recipes I'll stir up (aka Microwave / throw in the oven from the freezer), but if something is worthy of sharing I'll definitely add it here! :D

IMG_20180719_183935.jpgDinner time here in New Zealand. Tonight we are having Thai spiced chicken and pumpkin (recipe here We served it on jasmine rice and I added a side of green vegetables (broccoli and silver beet/Swiss chard).
I've been experimenting with new recipes and we all really enjoyed it, including my 21 month old daughter.
I love the contest and I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone else has for dinner. Thanks for the post.

Hi sis ❤️

This is my food.. haha this is the best I could eat right now.


This is basically rice with bittergourd and tomato curry.

If I had more money maybe it would be different. But I thank God for this.

It looks good.

Thanks sis 😘 😘 , I wanted to ask about your mom's burns , was it your mom ... Idk I remember something ..and you wr telling.. I couldn't ask before. Oh no , if I am wrong forgive me sis 😘

Interesting idea. A unique way of getting acquainted with one another! Especially if we compare meals across the world. Not just the first world food we are all used to (even here in SA). I may join in the festivities thanks to @ironshield who mentioned you

Our supper is a big organic green salad (mostly the nutrient dense kale picked from our garden) with walnuts and cranberries, plus delicious avo topped with sauerkraut which I make myself. As dressing I used a simple olive oil and Bragg's Liquid Aminos.


I wish i saw this a lil earlier
Last night, we had a great family reunion at dinner. Such amazing gatnering wod have made a great shot .
Nadwithstanding, to all participate: wish ya all you best, be creative and be unique

This contest is lasting till the end of the post payout so you have plenty of time to get something in.