WIN a FREE Geodesic Dome Greenhouse (or chose $200 STEEM & $200 SP) and Help Educate impoverished Bangladeshi Youth!

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The Prize Options:

Win this contest and take your choice of a Geodesic Dome Greenhouse, OR approx $200 worth of STEEM plus a delegation of approx $200 worth of STEEM POWER for 1 year! (1/6 plus 1/6 of total approx $1200 worth of accumulated payouts. Values may very depending on various factors.)

dome contest image.jpg

How to Win:

  • Follow Us @synergyu
  • Comment anything you want in the comment section of this post. (The more original, helpful or funny the more likely you are to get voted up)
  • Vote on your favorite comment(s) (no self-voting)
  • Upvote this post (any power level is appreciated)
  • Resteem this Contest

The winner will be chosen by number of votes. If there's a tie the winner will be chosen by comment value.

This is the third round of this contest. It gained $8 in previous rounds, so now there's only $1,192 left to raise of the required $1200. The contest will be repeated with the same (or similar) rules until we announce the winner!

Choose a Prize!

If you win and chose the Geodesic Dome Greenhouse, the remainder of the funds not used to create your dome, (approx) $400 of payouts from this contest, is to remain in Steem Power to upvote @schoolforsdg4 and other friendly content.

Winner will be responsible for any shipping cost...but handling is free! :)

If you choose to take the (approx) $200 STEEM, and delegation of (approx) $200 to your STEEM POWER for a year, of the remaining payouts, (approx) $400 will remain STEEM POWER with @synergyu and (approx) $400 will be donated to @SchoolforSDG4 in STEEM for school supplies!

Please comment below with any questions or feedback (especially how we can improve this contest, or other contests we can run to support @SchoolforSDG4).


P.S. For more posts supporting @SchoolforSDG4, follow @azizbd, @synergyu, @davidpantone, and @lindahas

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aquaponics domes are the dream. What's the biggest one?

They sure are! Some guys from Oregon who specialize in 90 foot-wide domes are joining our network. I'd have to do some research to confirm it, but I think the sky is the limit.

Oh man! You aiming big?

and/or wide :)

I wish one day I will visit @schoolforSDG4. I also live in Sylhet (Bangladesh).

If you do, make sure to blog about it so I can give you some fat upvotes! :D

I'll do for sure.

Awesome! I don't know if you read my last post, but in it I mentioned I plan to visit too. Hopefully soon, and maybe we can meet too.

I just read the post. I would be glad to meet you.

Oh really, Please check the Google map and find the better trasport option to visit us.
You can chat with us on discord if you are willing to visit with #azizbd2850

I got the direction. Not far away from my house.

Those domes are looking sturdy and slick! I may have to get myself one once I have somewhere to put it. Thanks for initiating this contest.

Thank you bro! We do our best! Praying you get your spot soon!

I hear you! This was my original dream.

God bless all child. i really appreciate your effort guys for helping out those childrens to buy their thing for school.. great work guys

Thank you brother!

Great work i really appreciate your effort guys for helping out those childrens to buy their thing for school..

God Bless Little Children!

Thank you bro! God Bless them, and you too!

My pleasure, Thanks for that kind words😊😊

Amazing what you are doing

Thank you, Sister!

@SchoolforSDG4 is doing very helpful work in Bangladesh, they are giving education to many poor and uneducated students,they are also doing some curriculum activities with education. I check those blog daily.which is being run by @azizbd .i am proud of you , because you are doing a really really good deeds.i hope schoolforSDG4 will go a lot way. And wish all will support them

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Thank you bro. I feel very blessed to know @azizbd! I have a great faith in the path we are all creating together for our own and future generations. With minds so absorbent, younger children can realize more easily that they truly are, like all of us, capable of accomplishing anything we imagine, and solving any problem we face. We all deserve a kinder world, and together we'll create it. I'm grateful to be able to connect with Aziz to share these messages and tools with those who it will matter to the most, and who will, in the future, make the biggest positive changes to come in the world. Bless the children, and everyone like you with the strength to care <3


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like like :)

@SchoolforSDG4 doing a good job. Many children are deprived from their basic need. and School for SDG4 try to meet thos need. Really good job. I appreciate this work and pray to almighty for their future success.

Thank you, bro.

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Awsome prices ! To win a geodesic dome and help children ? That is a win-win(-win for you) :)
I really appreciate this contest and your effort!

thank you for taking care for others! This is an absolutely GOOD KARMA MOVE :)


Thanks for the thoughtful comment, bro. Checked out some of your vids. I hear a Dutch accent? If I wasn't in such a hurry to get to Bangladesh I'd probably be on my way to Holland soon. I spend the better part of 2 and half years there and owe some friends a visit. Have you heard of GEET? I should have mentioned in the post if you wanna chat you can reach me on discord at David Pantone#4210 that I am thinking on it more, Holland could become part of my plan! ....btw, I love that .gif! ...had this computer for 7 months now, and it finally get's a desktop background! Thanks Norman!

Hahaha thanks for the nice answer mate ! I am located in Hamburg Germany so there is unfortunately no Dutch accent ^^ But here are a lot of Dutch people hanging around for example @artakush who is a super funny and nice guy from the Netherlands.
Glad to be your motivation for a desktop background hehe! Everyone should change that immediately after start up the first time imo ;)

If you could sneak in Hamburg some day please let me know !

Fi fai fo fam, who just mentioned mijne naam? Haha wats gebeurt in de skuur brothers? ;)

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It's sounds complicated to me.Please make it clear.

Sorry about that. I'm not sure how yet. Can you please ask a specific question I can answer to help clarify? Thanks for your feedback! :)

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Cool.... Can you teach it markdown?