🏈NFL Weekly Pick'em Winner | Week #4 | Congratulations!💰

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@steem-d-anlovnit is our winner for the #NFL Weekly Pick'em! Congrats!

@steem-d-anlovnit only missed 5 games, going 8-5 to win the contest!

The Combined Total Points in the Eagles @ Chargers game was 50.

@steem-d-anlovnit picked 49 for the Tie-Breaker and the win!

Serious competition, already! Shout to everyone who went 8-5 but just missed the Tie-Breaker. Keep grinding.

Below, the match ups for Week #4, the winning teams and the contestants who picked the most winners. The Weekly Recap.🏈

NFL Week 4.jpg

NFL Week 4 1.jpg

NFL Week 4 2.jpg

So much excitement with the NFL season back on tap!

The NFL Weekly Pick'em will run each week of the season. Be on the look out for a chance to win SBD!

Resteem appreciated. Follow me here on Steemit or find me on Twitter.

Please check out my other sports contests at @sportsncoffee Good luck!


@liberty-minded on the logo.🏈


great win on a tough week
good luck next week

Thanks buddy.
Good luck to you.


Thank you for your participation in this useful and influential story.

Whoever sees this will be good to vote for this GREAT POST


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