Speak Up Treasure Hunt – Win 10 Booster Packs!

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Let me hear you speak!

Greetings, Steem Monsters enthusiasts! Zippy (@zipporah) here.

As some of you may know, I'm presently working on the video for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. As I piece it together, I'm missing a rather important element; the prophecy, spoken by a compelling voice – the very sound the video will open with.

In keeping with the crowd-sourced spirit that so defines this project, I'm asking you to help me find that perfect voice. Perhaps it is you, or someone you know! Do people often comment on the sound of you? How about that friend who's voice truly is like no other? I'd love to hear it!

To give you some sense of the kind of voice I have in mind, think Tim Curry, Morgan Freeman, David Attenborough – deep, prophetic, commanding of attention. Thus far, I've imagined this voice being male, but...perhaps there's a lady out there who wants to give it a go. Surprise me.

10 Booster Pack Prize!

Though I think of this more as a treasure hunt than a contest – a search for that perfect sound – a prize of 10 booster packs will be awarded to the voice we choose.

If you'd like to participate:

  • record yourself, using the best tools available to you (we'll be using this recording in the video, so as high quality as you can manage) speaking this sentence:

    "That which was splintered shall be made whole"

  • submit your entry by direct upload here. If you'd like to make a post, you're welcome to do so, just make sure you also upload your submission by the deadline.

We haven't got much time, so this contest will run for just the next few days – through midnight PST this Thursday.

On behalf of the Steem Monsters team, thank you. We very much look forward to hearing your entries!

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Official Account: @steemmonsters
Website: https://steemmonsters.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/CAFJRjY

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Oh gee, I want them booster packs but anyway, I sound like a 13 year old, so nope. Hahahaha! Great contest, though! Awwww I envy. Hahaha

Keep up the great work!!

I submitted some samples from a contest I put on a few days ago.
The contest was to make battle crys for the cards.

I recorded them with my phone so they aren't professional but they show a range including a prophectic voice. :)
Also added the line of the prophecy in there.


Thank you, @doctorcrypto! *Well done, good sir. You've got quite the Attenborough/Gandalf vibe goin' on.


Thank you very much!
That was the first take cause I had to run to work. If considered, I could rerecord with better equipment. Cheers!

submitted! -- made multiple in the same recording... hope it helps! I was an announcer for my college sports games back in the day :D


Thank you so much for jumping right in, @joeypars! :) Funny – Steemplus thinks you're a bot!

I have a pretty deep, golden voice. Have done radio work before. I'll record the line and upload. Hope you like it!


One thing:
Should there be a comma after splintered, or should it all run together? Not sure which sounds better. I'll probably just record a few variants, and upload a folder ;)


A comma, or....pause....lends a certain gravity to the statement. Thanks for asking. ;)


I've uploaded 3 versions which are slightly different, to give the video editor a choice in what they feel is the best fit. Hope you guys like them, and if I'm chosen, I'd gladly lend the same voice for any future videos ;)

These art competitions are such a great idea. Looking forward to seeing everyones creations.

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Ooh, I've got a friend in mind who will record that.
I might even try a submission. :P

Deep check, male check, prophetic probably not check.

Oh, what the hell, I may give this a try. I got kind of a knock off Johnny Cash voice from what I am told. lol

oh gosh, i was told i sound like a 16 yearold still.... ill submit one anyways for the laughs hahaha but im doing a 10 booster pack giveaway here also if you guys wanna check it out


Thanks! and still pumped to do my first battle in SM!

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Uu good one.. I have some friends...will see, what we can do✌️

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Well... I did it! Or at least I tried :-) Uploaded a file made with my headphone mic and Windows voice recorder, so I'm not the Ghandalf you're looking for ;-)

But it's a great contest and I love how you, and the entire Steem Monsters team engage the community in the creation of this fabulous game!

Thanks so much, Zippy and @steemmonsters :-) <3

ok im totally in. i will record this one liner. :)

I had a friend with a deep voice do one for me. Sorry it's a bit late. It's under asteemmonsters.wav