The SteemHeroes drawing contest has been extended. Enter for a chance to win part or all of the 10SBD prize!

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After the first week of the contest, we've gotten some great submissions. However, I've received a lot of interest from people who couldn't get their drawings done in time to beat the deadline or who discovered the contest too late, so I'll be extending the contest for another week.

We've received some great submissions already. Check out the artwork some of our talented Steemians have created for this contest!

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Here's a gallery of the great artwork that's been submitted for the contest so far

"Jack of Crows" by @ikar59

"Background" by @cryplectibles

"Mirage" by @sidekickmatt

"Matrix" by @sidekickmatt

"Wild Daisy" by @sidekickmatt

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Whooow great arts! :D I'm happy that SH is growing :D

wow it's big opportunity, thanks for info.

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Illustration for character Illumina, posted by Steemheroes on behalf a pending Steemit user who is waiting for their account to be activated.