STACH Short Story Contest #8: Winners Announcement

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The Eighth edition of the STACH Short Story Contest has ended and we have our winners. Read about the full contest Here.
The contest is a 199 word contest with the topic Horror.


The contest was well received and the participation impressive. We had a total of 14 entries, all very nice stories but 3 had to be picked.


The winners of the seventh STACH Short Story Contest are:-image.png
Third place winner.image.png
Here is your prize.image.png

Second place winner.image.png
Here is your prize.image.png

First place winner.image.pngimage.png
Here is your prize.image.png


The selection criteria was based on the topic, story plot, number of words and delivery. Though it was hard selecting from the various entries, we had to settle for these 3. Judge was @ejemai.
This is thanking everyone that participated, you all are winners.

Disagree with winner selection? Make your case in the comment section.


The next contest will start soon and the number of winners still remain 3 and the prize is 10SBD. So stay tuned and bring it on!

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Congrats to the winners

Nice dude

Congrats People!!

congrats all winners i like all

Thank you so much! This has made my day, my week, my year! Now I just want to write more! Deeply honoured!

Lovely piece @braveheart29.
Still wondering how you/the victim survived the issue/loss of a liver, kidney and heart to still tell the story though....Lolz.
Nice one......following you now @braveheart29

Sara, medically paralyzed could only scream inside. Another second later it was all over.

"Nurse, prepare the body for the meat packers. We have another one coming in shortly," said the doctor in a casual tone.

It is only now that I stumbled upon this contest. Why oh why!

I will participate on this!

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Congrats to the winners. :)

Wow! Thanks alot @stach and thanks to Judge @ejemai. I really appreciate.
Congrats to @braveheart29, @theluckygem and every other winner/participant. I really appreciate you all.

@stach thanks for the opportunity to showcase my creativity through writing. It is an amazing motivation and i hope to participate in the future contests. Thank you!

woo, I have missed a lot. I am waiting for the next contest...Congrat to all the winners.

Thank you @stach for organizing this kind of contest and the judges. Thank you, i was really happy!
To my fellow contestants, Congratulations :)

Congrats to the winner. I wish i could join for the next contest

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