My Entry into SteemUA contest by Rival, to stand a chance of winning 25sp sponsor on steemUA

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Steem User Authority is a new project invented by @scipio and @holger80 which upvote members that delegated to it, according to their various UA points.
How reasonable or shitty you're on steemit, determines your UA point and your UA point determines the weight of upvote you get from STEEMUA.

Why am I even explaining all these to you? I believe we all know the bases of steemUA.

Wait, hang on a second... You mean to tell me that you are just hearing of steemUA for the first time?

You living under a rock? Well, you are so lucky you found the right post.
Not this very one... That ONE

Click on the link to read the bases of the steemUA project, I am not that dumb to waste my time and energy explaining what has already been explained.

Rather I would be talking about why I think it is way profitable to delegate to steemUA.
Before today, I only liked steemUA because of @neoxian delegated 50k SP to the project. If a businessman like Neoxian thinks it is a profitable investment, who am I to think otherwise?

After I accepted the writing contest by @rival to stand a chance to win 25SP sponsor, it then occurred to me that I was almost clueless about steemUA.

At first, I took my time to go through the SteemUA introduction post again and the part that caught my eyes is that your Reputation or the Amount steem you delegated to the project, doesn't determine the amount of vote you get from steemUA.

Some questions you might wanna ask about steemUA and their answers.

Does steem power really determine your UA score? In a direct way, NO!!!
In an indirect way, Yes... According to how the project designed, it DOES NOT consider steem power but considers stuffs like the number of real followers you have, comments and interaction. Huge steem power attracts real followers and comments, those that will always wanna stick close to you in other to get curation rewards or to comment on your post and get tiny upvotes.

In actual sense, Huge steempower attracts people to follow you for upvote. That means if you are a whale or dolphin and you don't spread the love, you just have steem power and you only use it to Flag or you just left it dormant. Then your UA score must be low.

In summary, you get upvoted based on your UA score. The number of times you get upvoted depends on the amount of SP you delegated.
And your UA score is calculated based on your interaction, engagement, quality of post and quality of followers. @afolwalex

From the chat we had with scopio in the morning, SteemUA has really proven to be more profitable than normal daily self upvotes and the curation rewards I get with my tiny SP. At first, I wanted to know about SteemUA so I can win the writing contest and get 25SP from Rival, but after the conversation, I have already delegated.
In summary, the total number of delegation determines the weight of upvotes steemUA can provide.
As you can see from the mathematics Scopio did above, steemUA is absolutely a better way to gain much from your low SP but in as much as it is awesome, we human being always find a way to spam and abuse any good resource we find.

There lies the answer to the big question, I have a fake account too. I thought it would be easier to make it on steemit with many accounts but I can't serve two masters at a time, the UA of the fake account is very low because I don't interact with it. If I should delegate with the second account, that would be a waste of delegation.

With that, I am fully convinced that steemUA cannot be cheated and as of the moment, the only little problem it is facing is low delegations and I personally think we all can help in any way to boost the project.

I don't have huge SP but if this post can attract a soul to join steemUA and delegate, it will make a difference. You can make a change too by making a post or in your own unique way. Rival has done his part by getting my attention and that of other minnows to broadcast steemUA via the contest.

Even though I have delegated and I am no longer qualified for the contest, as he is only sponsoring those that can't sponsor themselves. I still wanna help out. If I eventually still get to win the contest, I will use it to double my delegation. Either way, I am still helping while steemUA is helping me the more. I win...

Do you have any question about steemUA? DROP IT IN THE DISCORD SERVERand @scipio, @holger80 or @gutzygwin will be there to help out.

The contest is still open until when @rival says otherwise, you can make your own entry to stand a chance of getting sponsored in steemUA

Don't forget to vote @Rival for the witness, I don't really know anything about his witness project. As a matter of fact, yesterday was my first time to hear the name. One thing I know is that, For him to host a huge contest like this, he must be one of those underrated cool guys on a lowkey. I will take my time to read about his project and also make another post about it

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Hi @sparrowbernard!

Your post was upvoted by @steem-ua, new Steem dApp, using UserAuthority for algorithmic post curation! Your UA account score is currently 2.284 which ranks you at #19059 across all Steem accounts.
Your rank has dropped 141 places in the last three days.

In our last Algorithmic Curation Round, consisting of 206 contributions, your post is ranked at #205.

Evaluation of your UA score:
  • Only a few people are following you, try to convince more people with good work.
  • Try to show your post to more followers, for example via networking on our discord!
  • Try to work on user engagement: the more people that interact with you via the comments, the higher your UA score!

Feel free to join our @steem-ua Discord server