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First official FlyingTeer Contest ||

Best Comment Award Contest ||

Here we go for our FIRST official contest.

Currently the contest amount is less but with the increasing number of upvotes and comments this amount will increase day by day.

First Place: 3 SBD

Second Place: 2 SBD

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  1. You must be my follower (@sonu4012)
  2. Up-vote this post (must)
  3. Resteem this post (must)
  4. Comment on this post (must)
    Note -The comment related to this new contest on steemit.

For winners ------

The winner will get the winning amount in his\her steemit account within 24 hours of announcement.

Note - The award of best comment choosen by FlyingTeer official .

We will pin that best comment and lucky winner. You can see list of our winners on our next contest .

Winner will be announced by every 7th of day . So our next result will be announce by next monday.

I hope you will enjoy this contest.

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Note- Please no request for nepotism.
thanks for visiting my post.


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Very interesting contest

Hello thank you for the opportunity to win free SBD! I am also hosting a contest as well (izza music competition contest) so it's nice to see people helping other Steem users. As for your contest itself, I hope my comment gets chosen hahaha (although this comment is pretty useless) but dude I seriously thank you for doing this! You will be helping so many people. I realise that there are not a lot of contests like this? More big accounts should really host contests like this too. Again, big thanks! Keep doing you.

Thanks for support and such a nice comments.

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Hi, this photo was taken yesterday in Lithuania, Klaipeda

Such an AESTETIC shot

Thank you for this opportunity, i hope to be the winner of this contest,
3 or 2 SBD, will help me a lot in my steemit journey.

joining your contest for the second time.
it's really a nice and easy contest.
I hope, you'll go much further and take some of us with you also.

Hey dear @sonu4012 thanks for giving such as a biggest opportunity to win free SBD! it's great chance to people helping other Steem users. As for your contest itself, I hope so my opinion of your contents gets chosen to me if you like but bro I seriously thanking you for doing such a great think and You will be helping so many people. I realize that there are not a lot of contests like this? thanking you dear. Keep supporting me and our family ... upvote comment follow and resteem also done from my side @sonu4012

Hello, I really liked the proposal of your contest; good to anyone who would not like to take that prize just for having an excellent comment what it was difficult is obvious that the decision falls on you to consider the best, I'm curious to know what requirements, you have to write to consider a comment on best of all, who knows maybe I am writing a wonderful one at this moment or sounding very ambiguous; whatever it is I hope to win this contest, either by insistence, by impertinent, curiosity or by chance of your choice. Greetings, have a nice, and sweet day! And continue with this contest that although it seems simple is half complex, since it is based on your criteria, an intelligent way to put people to compete.

Firstly thanks to u for such a nice contest .
Nothing is criteria there for comment ,you should free to comment anything related to this post .if your comment is best u can win with short comment .

Kudos man, you're doing a great job

It's looking interesting contest, their are lots of contest running of Steemit and every one running their individual as well as group contest..
@sonu4012 what is different in your contest.??

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i believe that i have created a unique contest related to comment .
i am sure there is no running contest like that .
so keep ur interest if u like ...

thanks for nice comment.

I hope so that you are doing well and something different

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Similar contest on comments is done by @bunnypuncher + it has a topic

I didn't know who is this . i just created it myself ,it is coincident that both have same content.

Giveaways and competitions are the most amazing part as it keeps that website active and interesting for a user.
So, thank you for this event.

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I'm not getting where is your content for comment. Your talking about your contest rule so how can I give you best comment. Please think about it.

Read properly this post please.....the comment is related about to this contest .

you are perfactly right

Bro no new to comment like this.

great work to grow your profile
i really dont went to join in this giveway
we are #mgsc community

Its ok bro....m not forcing to join it

M too late

No not too late .....just follow all the rules