My Ode and Farewell to @papa-pepper's Selfie Challenge

in #contest5 years ago (edited)

The selfie challenge was a lot of fun but I didn't make it till the end. Here are some of the crazy things we had to do!
The selfies started out pretty easy. Take a selfie with a plant, take a selfie with an animal, ect.
Things got more interesting as we went along!
As you can see, a couple of them weren't so pretty :) Others required some creativity to pull them off.
According to @bluelightbandit,
I have scary eyes 😂 What do you think?()
They day I dropped out, it was Thanksgiving, I was getting over the stomach flu, and I was supposed to stage a riot selfie haha. I'm still glad I participated though. Being a new Steemian at the time, it offered a way to break out of my newbie shell. And I got 15 bonus points (sbd) out of it!! Thanks for all the fun @papa-pepper! Looking forward to round two!!!

Love, snowpea ❤😘🙂🌸


ha, ha! 😂 This is great! You're extremely brave to go ahead with all these crazy challenges. This post was loads of fun to watch. Hope you're doing better from that virus.

I'm glad you enjoyed!! I'm much better now. :)

You go girl! I love it! Exceptional photos!

Thanks!! :)

Very nice album!

At we made an album visualizer - if you ever need to find these pictures again - you can copy the image links from there - but it looks like you are very organized.

  • Blessings to you and your family! -

Thanks for the memories @snowpea!

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You're crazy, I like it.
Amazing photos, great work.

Thank you :)

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Awesome post friend.
I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.
best of luck go ahead friend.

wohhh snowpea,,, all of pic is really looking so beautiful... but try next time to finish full contest..... hoping another day... anyhow best of luck to you....

That selfie contest was a blast
Can't wait for the next one

15bonus points!
U did pretty well for urself

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