Depression is a hungry demon and here is why it matters

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This post is dedicated to one of the great music artists and song writers in our time; late Chester Bennington (a formal front man of Linkin Park).

I am fully aware that there are plenty of articles written about this tragic incident and here is my version and thoughts for this great lost of rock music genre.

TMZ was the first source that publicly announced and confirmed the news:


It was just a few days back when I woke up to such a heartbreaking news about Chester's death. A lot of thoughts and memories ran through my mind as my heart dropped to the ground reading the news via my phone, finding it hard to believe that he was gone, gone forever.
Linking Park is (or potentially was) a nu metal rock band having their prime time during the early 2000's and they made a come back by releasing their newest album earlier this year. Apparently it wasn't much of success as compare to their previous albums due to, I believe a new direction of their music style. I have a bother who is a few years older than I am and he was a big fan of them therefore I grew up hearing their music playing daily next door plus that time when MTV was the only TV channel I literally fed on (other than Cartoon Network of course). I saw their music videos and how they were made, it was truly fascinating.

To be very honest with you guys, I didn't have much understanding of what the lyrics were saying back then because English isn't my mother tongue and I only picked it up later on. However I found them were pretty cool and I enjoyed their music very much, what I did to learn to sing along was reading the lyrics of the back of their tape cassette's cover and opened a dictionary to see how the words were pronounced and meanings. I was able to sing along with a bit of rapping on Mike Shinoda's parts (ahem.. not to brag).

While I was trying to digest this news and digging on what had happened I stumbled upon a post from a girl asking "How influential was Chester to the 80-90s boys, why is his death all over the internet?" and one reply from this one guy cracked me up and gave her a clear answer saying "He was an equivalent version of Britney Spears to you girls." while I am not 100% convinced by his theory as I think maybe more like Posh from Spice Girls rather but during a slightly later period. One of the reasons why the related articles are all over the internet was the way he died; committing a suicide by hanging himself at his home in LA while his family were out.

Depression. One big word that I don't see any positive meaning in it and that one big word has already caused millions of lives around the world up to this very moment I am typing, someone somewhere is thinking about ending their lives because they are depressed.

I was once naive enough thinking that those who committed a suicide were just plain stupid and selfish and just running away from their problems. We all have problems and depression shouldn't be an excuse to give up life. Then again, who am I to judge what is right or wrong for anyone. What do I know about them or their lives to say it was stupid. Little that I knew how hard it must have been to them or him. Sometime I wonder what's going on in these people mind when they were often talented and gifted. Did they sell their soul to the devil for those gifts? I wonder but I don't wish to understand because again who am I to judge but I am agree to disagree on this solution still. While Linkin Park's music were quite depressing if you really feel the lyrics and Chester did an incredible work translating his feelings and parts of him into songs that saved thousands by letting them know that they were not alone and he understood their hard time. The beats were mostly angry but incredibly help with anxiety when you hear the songs. It was one of a kind, truly. Knowing what it was like in Chester's childhood I really am in no place to understand his pain altogether but I am very sad about this lost indeed.

Here is a footage of when Chester opened up to talk about his feelings and he was confessing it all, it wasn't the first time he mentioned it but people took it so lightly as if they didn't care:

Life is precious, it takes one to appreciate it. At the end of our journey we all are heading the same way to the exit not knowing for sure where next so why take a short cut and end the fun so soon? True that life isn't always about rainbows and butterflies, we all have nasty days, heart breaks, shitty and embarrassing moments which many of them are hard to shake off than others. As much as I used to say; "It's all in your head." I would be so inconsiderate and blunt to some of you. I am not a professional helper or has an experience on a serious depression before but I know someone who has a disease that was once known as deadly and disgusted by the society; HIV, now he is still living a normal life looking better than ever and a close person who is dear to me attempted to commit suicide but lucky enough to be saved just in time.

Those of you who ever think life is hard and need to talk; their is always help and if you are capable of reading up to this point then I am sure you know exactly where to find them. For those who need me to be a little more specific do leave a comment.

here are a few links to go for various countries:

RIP Chester Bennington. I hope you find your peace now.

To us who are privileged enough to still breathing, living underneath beautiful skins with flesh and blood please stay alive, appreciate your time here and live in the moment. Be kind to each other and save those who need help. You are here for reasons, live long enough to answer yourself that. If you can't find one, be someone else's one.

Lots of Love,

Annie x

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Such a touching story and post... Linkin Park has always been one of my favourite bands. I could relate so much to their songs and the meaningful lyrics. What is your mother tongue by the way? You are thai?

Thanks for sharing this beautifully written post. And as you said, lets all be kind to one another and support eachother. Life is already hard as it is. We do not need hate, only love and kindness. 💙

Yes it's Thai. 😊 I guess this justifies my broken grammars and spellings here and there though lol!! x

Omg to be honest if you would not have mentionned it, I would have never known! Your english is on point! You keep on rocking girl ;)😘

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Hey.Seriously felt that I made a right decision following u today..Found that spark in that first article of urs..n this article justifies that..I see how this post has been written from ur heart and it deserves lote more visibility and upvotes..#resteemed..😊

This made my day, thank you for your kind support @bunny26. I'll try my best to keep it interesting while staying true!