I want to do a giveaway! 3 STEEM + 10% of SBD payout to the person who can guess what the price of Bitcoin is in 24 hours: UPDATE: CONTEST IS OVER. NO MORE BETS ACCEPTED. GOOD LUCK!

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The person that comes the closest wins. The contest is finished 2100 hours GMT+1 local time today (Oslo) And the Bitcoin price you are betting on is the price 24 hours from now (or 1100 hours GMT+1 time) In other words, you can bet on the price for 10 hours from the time this post is posted. And the winner will be drawn 14 hours after that.

There will only be one winner


In order to participate and win you MUST:


  • Resteem this contest. I want everyone to be able to participate. Nothing would warm my heart more than if someone in a poor country would win this.

  • Upvote this post (upvote a lot, because you can also win 10% of the total SBD payout!)

  • Write down your BTC prediction in the comments section of this post

  • Only one comment per person


I will write down all bets 2100 hours this evening (GMT+1 local time(OSLO) so no bets are possible to make after that.

The price of BTC will be taken from Coinmarketcap.

If there are similar bets, they will share the price. Please use as many decimals as possible in order to win.

This is my first giveaway. Aaaand Go!


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Remember to RESTEEM and UPVOTE

If you don't do that, you won't be a contender!


@scandinavianlife sir thanks for your continuous support.It make me fell that i am blessed,God bless you sir and i wish your success more.


What was the correct guess? just curious how close i was :)




USD 10792.58


US$ 10,688.6173923

Let's try: $10.962,59

Nice idea to make giveaways!


$10, 643.33


10884 I really want it to break 11k!

10870 usd

10770 usd


must resteem to participate

In between 10,500-10,700 ;)?


Must be exact price


What if no comments has the exact price ? How would you choose the winner ;)?


Probably nearest wins?


Nearest win :) You should also use a lot of decimals, unless you want to share the price with someone who has bet exactly the same number


Okay 10,700


From where do you take the price? CoinMarketCap or a specific exchange?


Good point! I will take from coinmarket cap. Thats OK I think.

multiple comments allowed ?


upvoted and resteem





$10,291.21 fear my pump and dump :-)

Good afternoon my dear friend, congratulated you for this excellent contest and also the support to everyone in this community. Regards






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Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!


I will participate for fun.







exact price please




By 12:00am on march 2 ,2018.
It will be: NGN3,893,659...

$10,927.15 would be my guess.


$ 12,231


$ 10,493



Resteemed and upvoted :)


10808.25 is the correct answer


Sure na ba? Final answer?

Upvoted and Resteemed.
Guess: $10,713.76

11,100 $ is my guess...upvoted and resteemed..


you are the closed uptill now ;)

10.245! Un saluto @giornalista

must resteem to participateDQmbvNYBGoDW8DJykKw6iUXZpNk5pZJTWKcrKBHzjP1p9sW.gif

I'm gonna guess $11,105


$10,832.79 Best of luck to you all!


10877.878 USD





With the Grace of God Almighty, may I be given a win over the guesswork of this quiz.


closest for now :)

10822 usd


My guess is 10 850


must resteem to participate

10445.30 @upvoted and resteemed

nice post




11545.4941 for fun :) lets see