Caption Contest #9 | 15$ Prizepool |🏆 Winner of #8 🏆 + New Art Caption Contest

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Welcome to the simplest contest on steemit.
Just make a caption for my artwork and post it in the comment section below,
resteem this post and you are good to go.

Last week we had a lot of entries and picking one was very hard so I decided to go with 3 winners again. First place will receive 1SBD while second and third get 0.5 SBD and everyone gets a partial upvote.

#1 @steemtours - Violet Ecstasy
#2 @jerryboy4luv - Electric Soul
#3 @janine-ariane - Aora´s break free



Make a caption (title) for the artwork above
Resteem this post
Note: caption can be anything. What you see in the image, what it represents to you or how it makes you feel. Be creative.

Only 1 entry per account
Caption must be max 3 words long
Contest ends in a week

My artwork is and has always been free to use for all steemians and I contribute it to @steemcreations project that aims to ensure Free digital artwork and photography, for steemians by steemians.

For more info read this post.



As always, best of luck to everyone and may the best caption win!



Greetings, my boy runicar!

Wish you all the best for your birthday, currently I don't have credits for a text message.

I want you success in everything that makes you happy, I as well want you the most successful year in your life, this one :)

My contest entry is: Infinite Energy, I feel that term represents this picture accurately but as well it represents both of us. It sure does represent what are and how we gonna perform in order to get our plans going

Exciting times ahead! Peace bro <3

Thanks for the great wishes bro. I'm sure this year will be the best one we ever had!

Each time I look at it to find a name for it the only thing that comes in my mind is the is the Divine space spark

Do you mean Divine?

Yeah, thanks

My caption for this one would be: "Snake Swerve".

PS. This is awesome! Glad to have found this post.

positive vibes.
Btw - wish you happy birthday @runicar

Good one, thanks man!

I’ll caption this is as “MY SCARLET PHANTOM”

Circular Blazing Trails

Soul's On Fire

Unleashing the DRAGON!

Luminary twirls

I would caption this as

Fierce Energy.

The title just came out like a mushroom. My imagination keeps on tweaking when answering this type of contest.
Happy birthday, man. (i know it's late. But it's better to be late than never 😅)

Scorching Phoenix

Hi @runicar this is the second time I joined to your caption contest.. This is very fun.. And here's my entry for this : Phoenix Glares hope you like thanks :)


This must be:

fiery rings

the cosmic resurrection

Yes I got the reward. Thank you so much @runicar for these contests. I will enter the one for this week and I hope I get to win again. 💪

Np, looking forward for your entry!


Crimson Rapture !

Golden desire

Golden chaos... N happy birthday @runicar

The first title that popped up in my mind while looking at your art is "Flames of Hell".

Btw, Happy Birthday! May your steemit journey be more and more exciting and fruitful in 2018 and beyond! -^O^-

Also, congrats to the previous round winners! :3

"The Universe Beyond"

Looks like a different universe in a sci-fi film where the energy is visible around space

I will caption this...



I would like to put my hands together and say .....
Happy Birthday to you @runicar
My Entry "Rings of Fire"

Polychromatic serenity

Thank you so much for sending the 1SBD for the 1st prize. Amazing to have been chosen. Thank you so much, it will help with growing my minnows appreciate all the help we can get. Much appreciated😊😍👍✌@runicar

Scorching Millenium

Abstract Darkwing Duck.

Inferno’s whirling haloes

Visual Gymnastics

Beauty in flames

Your challenge was added to Steemit Contest Compilation (08.01-14.01): Win free SBD and STEEM for current week.

Thank you @runicar for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to get free SBD.

Thanks man! See my other challenge too :)

'Holograms of Vibration'

Awesome artwork! Much love!

"A World Aflame"

@runicar my caption "Circle of Life"

Swirling Mind

"Heart's Burning Desire"

Inferno’s whirling haloes


I participate with this title: "Celestial Force". It floods everything in me, seeing so much power because I see myself crossing paths of light, so intense and strong that I feel they invade my being without stopping.

Awesome contest! Youre very generous with your art and youre totally talented ✌️😻

My caption for your art is:

"phoenix ablaze"

Have a great day!
I have a contest ongoing now :D
You guys might like it

Hi! I really love the artwork. I would hang it in my wall if I could.
Here’s my entry

Deep within a Phoenix

So in love with this contest as it makes me think outside the box. Thanks a lot @runicar for getting my brain engaged.

Glad you are enjoying them :)

It look like a globe with glorious appearance that has a special way to interact with spirit of a man.

3 words max :)

I like your post.
I follow you.
your follow back

Nice art guys. Congratulations to the winners! :)

Seeing your tutorial, I want to think again and again to write so beautifully that you are really amazing

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