SteemDecathlon Big announcements!

in contest •  10 months ago


I'm happy to announce, I finally got the contest and participation leaderboards for the Steem Decathlon up on my website....

Check them out here

It's been tougher starting this then I thought, but well worth it and I been making big headway....
Much more to come as I work the kinks out!

There are about 10 days of contests left in the first decathlon.
And alot more interesting things coming....



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3rd place and 5th place not bad. I'll have to try harder to catch up to meme-nexus and lavanyalakshman


Well tomorrow I am annoucing 2 more new contests...
make sure you read all the rules....


your really working hard


Sounds good thanks for letting me know. Maybe you could put them on your website to let us know when they are happening.

1'm 8th & 6th place. I got to get my act together


some of us never do!

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