Cheering up post Round 83: i will upvote your post,Or pay minnowpond with your link Or pay minnowbooster with your link. Round 82 Winner Announced

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I will upvote your post,Or pay @minnowpond with your link Or pay @minnowbooster with your link.


The winner for round 82 of this cheering up post is @wilramos

Winning Post;

This will run for 23 hours only. posted 7:05 GMT

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I still have one day with this post, so I will try:

Resteeming you too, and my resteems are OK, for I do not do them often ;-)

And one more entry, fresh from the press one:

I trust this is worth to read, research more and act on it.

Thanks a lot @rexusmo this helps a lot hoping to win again in the future
and thanks for the effort of doing this everyday.

I had a pretty crap 2017 but still managed to find some positives out of all the negatives!

Hello my friend please check my posts If You like thank you

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here's my entry hope you'll like the shot

visit my blog for more ^.^
thanks @rexusmo