Promote Me Contest Winner !

in contest •  6 months ago

@luxsheng is the winner of last weeks Promote Me Challenge. Congratulations, I will begin promoting your latest article you are protected,meanwhile,you are tied ASAP ! Your Post will receive :

  • 30 upvotes sent to your post guaranteed ( possibly more )
  • Two micro bid-bots sent to your post ( possibly more )
  • Your post will receive at least two resteems
  • I will up-vote the post myself ( my upvote isn't worth much )
  • I will pay to send your post to the Promoted section of Steemit
  • Your post feature in this article

Like all good things this contest has come to an end for the time being. Not to worry we will bring it back in a few weeks and pick up where we left off. Thanks to all who participated over the past few weeks.

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Thanks for all you do for your fellow Steemians @rentmoney!


Thank you for the constant support.