A BOTTLED MESSAGE- STACH Short Story Contest #22

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Jamie was biting her lip as she waited for the clerk to pull the small cobalt colored bottle down from the high shelf. It had taken her an entire month to save up, and she was sure this would be the right one.

She quickly paid and ran out to her car. She couldn’t even wait to get home, she had to open it immediately! This was her twelfth bottle, this had to be the last!

She peeled off the plastic strip, and slowly uncorked the bottle. Her anticipation grew, and her stomach was in knots!

POP! Went the cork, and she quickly began to remove the small scroll of yellow paper strategically placed inside. She unrolled the paper, and her heart sank!

“Not another one!” She yelled, as she pounded on her steering wheel!

“Hope! I don’t need any more HOPE!"
"I have four more HOPE’S at home! Four Hopes, three Love’s, two Prosperity’s, and two Joy’s!”

She ran back into the store with her uncorked bottle and begged the clerk to let her trade for another.

“No can-do Miss. You know the rules!” He said grinning.

Jamie began to cry, “But sir, I am nothing without SUCCESS!”

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