Gamers alert!!- Xaya is here!

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Okay if you are a blend of a gamer and crypto freak then here’s a good news for all, Xaya- true blockchain gaming is here.


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Cryptocurrencies are something which almost everyone in the world are aware of, Due to its popularity it has become a frequently day to day used word. It tends to revolutionize the economy of the world. Almost everyone out there is connected to the crypto world in some way or another. Which obviously has bought enormous business opportunity and variety of solutions to the persisting problems of the economy to an end steadily for example saving time and money through various technologies built on blockchain.
If we talk about the interesting gaming world which holds around billions per annum of business which obviously is very lucrative but still we could find plenty of issues there which persist for not only the players but for developers too! Let me address the issues here,

1. If I talk about the game developers, You all must be aware of the excessive time and cost which are needed to create a game, being not deprive of the creative people many of them owe concept and skills of creating amazing virtual games but being deprive of time and money it holds them back. Also scalability is major issue.
2. And now coming to the gamers (the players) they too hold problems which virtual asset ownership is important for gamer status and progression through a game. The challenge is ensure ‘provably fair’ gameplay and ‘provably fair’ item acquisition.

The solution- Xaya!

A decentralized game universes- xaya has come to the amazing solutions and more assets to the now persisting problems. Gamers and developers may have an amazing time creating and playing games now as their issues will be solved.
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Breaking through the centralized server based gaming which causes enormous shutting and security issues, Xaya has stood up with many advantages and solutions which tend to be worthy. As being completely decentralized and secure xaya will head forward to change the world of gaming by introducing a full-scale virtual asset trading platform with many advantageous things( as mentioned above in the picture) for developers and players.
With more features like scalable, no server, safe trading, mmo, real ownership, easy development, proven secure and fair.

The minds behind this ingenious technology!
To create such resourceful product there obviously must be masterly minds indulge into it. The team being comprised of the ‘original creators of blockchain gaming, experienced developers, and blockchain and business experts’ makes it much reliable.

The team earlier worked on huntercoin which was a little modest but with its model of provably fair games running autonomously made it run successfully even after 4 years being intended for just a year! ‘the experience, history, and proven technologies of the XAYA team are manifest in the XAYA Blockchain Gaming Platform.’ Which makes it the team - having worked on Namecoin (the very first altcoin) and Huntercoin, perfectly positioned to execute on their vision!
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The technical aspect!
After learning about its amazing creators and the key features, let me bring up the technicalities behind xaya into a little limelight. Being decentralized xaya is based on blockchain which is secured by proof of work(p.o.w.) with some unique features as mentioned below in addition to the original technicalities makes it lucrative.

  1. Atomic transactions:
  2. Game channels
  3. Ephemeral timestamps
  4. Human mining

Briefing about the way actually it works in few points-
A/ Likewise color coins the tradable items and game accounts will be managed ensuring security and trades of chi.
B/ The transactions are signed by both the parties (of the items which are sold and purchased) digital signatures and hash-chain structures are provided in order to prevent fraud.
C/ Through pegged sidechains or a semi-trusted escrow setup in game trading is made possible.
D/ Major issue of scalability is solved with invention of game channels which though allows players to play fairly. Being disagree from the result the players can raise issue against the result and will be solved by data side chain. An example illustrated in picture will give more clarity.
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E/ Ephemeral timestamps are the one to keep an eye on the justice case, using Merkle trees and P2P network it improves game channel such that the honest player never faces loss due to disputes.

Combining xaya with VR technology will surely give hype to the technology as will attract more of the users and will open wider space for indulgement for the world.

The Chi ecosystem!
Xaya’s reserved currency Chi is used for all sort of transactions from account creation to coin transactions, moreover it can be easily exchanged with other currency like bitcoin etc. Bellow mentioned pie chart shows the coin distribution.
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Gaming reality!
Shifting from just a concept to reality, xaya has indulged real games in it which will help it becoming mainstream. Treat fighters and soccer manager are the games which are in partnership with xaya.

Being developed with a huge fan base they prove to be profitable for each other, as xaya will provide them with ‘provably fair gameplay and true ownership of in-game assets to the players’ and importantly xaya will have a huge exposure from these games and will tend to become mainstream adoption. Although there are many games types will be supported like ‘Collectible card games, Real-time strategy games (RTS)/ multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA), Turn-based games, MMORPGs and much more.’

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Use case!
Being a gamer myself I love playing Dota to extreme and moreover these multiplayer online battle games are my favourite arena.
With the help of game channels and ephemeral time stamps, developers can create such games on xaya. Here, literal 24/7 uptime, zero gaming server costs, improved scalability, and easier monetisation is provided which is damn beneficial.

The roadmap!
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This blockchain based decentralized platform is like honey to the developers, players and supports who acts as a bee. Creating such an efficient system which overcomes the existing issues with much reliable and alluring solutions. Okay, the focal point is that not only people addictive or passionate about gaming world are benefited but the supports are too benefited with access to untapped gaming marked and a high valued cryptocurrency. I world like to conclude this platform as a revolution in gaming world!

The core team should be recognized.

I have written a little long about it, but It was hard to leave any important aspect as it has many! so, Here are small videos by me, as it will provide a good clarity.

And don't miss Xaya's official video

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