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The Entries

We received 41 entries this week but @funkit's entry really stood out (in a good way) as the most creative and visionary. I can see it now, closing time at the Bitcoin Lounge with...

Grand Prize

"Boatloads (of) Yearning Overintoxicated Bystanders" @funkit (5 STEEM)

A Big Thank You To All The Participants!

@princesson @dreamer007 @stellastella @gmatthe2 @trishy @nancy7819 @thisisliving @renald @ricabuhain @livinguktaiwan @emwalker @louzam @georgechuks @bridgetnnenna @delighty @eveokonma @lucyc @michael11 @zekepickleman @ablaze @markkujantunen @neduejianya @blessing2002 @cheekah @natz04 @dinglehopper @funkit @gillianpearce @jaybhe @aboutart @genomil @artofwisdom @roxy-cat @pasticho @arose @jluvs2fly @pyemoney @apple96 @himalayanwomb @cinefilo @funkit @neduejianya @niallon11 @gmatthe2 @renald @inspire1 @minimining @domingonino @princesson

Stay Tuned

The next round will be announced tomorrow.


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Thanks for the art @overkillcoin... minnows, dolphins, whales... I’m down with squid!

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Ha, ha, ha. I don't get that one at all @otage! 😂

Congratulations to @funkit anyway. 😊

Felicidades al ganador y los participantes, saludos my dear @otage.


Yes all the participants did well this round.

Frikken awesome! I love winning your competition! And I'm not even English...

💥 💥 💥

Thank you, otage!


Congratulations great entry!

Haha right on. I follow @funkit and it is worth it. Good steemian with a good sense of humour.

Nice one @funkit - very original indeed. Solid effort.