Payouts "Find the Missing Number!" Daily Contest for 2 September

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Daily "Find the Missing Number!" Contest Payouts for 2 September

Contest Winners.jpg

Thank you everyone that has been participating in this contest!

Special thanks to @builderofcastles for making sure we have enough SBD for the winners!

Please follow his account and Comment/Resteem/Upvote his posts to show gratitude.


The given numbers were: 15543, 18307, 20943, 24107, ?

The pattern is:

165x165-82= ?

So the missing number was: 27143

The winners of this contest are:



@kryptonia, @superiorcoin, @steembasicincome

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Congrats to the winners!
This contest did not deliver any SBD!
However, in appreciation of your participation, I will be sending the winners a payout in STEEM instead!
Have a nice day!
See you tomorrow!

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