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Currently, companies working in blockchain face several challenges of adapting to an organizational model that is efficient enough, capable of solving the administrative problems that arise in the encryption environment.

The modern computer programs proposed by the developers contribute to finances within an ecosystem, improving data storage capacity, transaction processing, smart contracts, among other vital aspects for any platform.

The cryptocurrency is a secure software, a mathematical algorithm that constitutes the global economy of the future; Transactional speed, privacy of sensitive data and auditable record, are an innovation from which virtual service providers are nurtured, which find in the decentralization a system of governance free of mass inclusion that acts as an engine for the promotion of their proposals.

Blockchain technology being the ideal tool to support this machinery and allow consensus between the parties in the search for solutions on the changing world of cryptography.

What is ProximaX?

ProximaX is a friendly interface platform built in blockchain which adapts to the current market demand, offering developers a set of tools for creating applications of all kinds taking into account user needs, improving scalability and leading to the creation of successful projects, which is one of the main problems that most companies presently have.

ProximaX takes into account the needs of each user by integrating components outside the P2P chain, so that developers can take advantage of their maximum creative power without restrictions due to breach or vulnerability to computer attacks, for this it makes additional use of the delivery networks of content ("CDN") or cloud storage. Taking full advantage of the resources of the WEB.

What can be built in ProximaX?

  • The options offered by ProximaX are almost unlimited, social media platforms can be built up to the recognized ones: FB, Instagram, Amazon, Twitter, among other related ones; but in a decentralized way, without violating the privacy and free protocols of the capitalist or rentier model that pursues lucrative interests to feed the large corporations that dominate the market.
    "As an example: You can imagine a social media platform where you can tokenize and create a self-sustaining ecosystem that has its own cryptocurrency or based on the native Proximax XPX token, helping the growth of the platform. "

  • Creation of Transmission Services similar to Netflix, Youtube, HBO, Vimeo, where audiovisual content is promoted or sold; which have a large demographic figure but users do not see the economic benefits from their activity on such platforms, since they are centralized.
    "In this case, the average content developers and streaming users would have the benefit of exchanging digital assets and support each other with the valuation of their contents, while they can collaborate in the construction of a scalable service that adapts to the future storage demand by users, spectators, Vlogers, gamers, musicians, video enthusiasts, etc. ., for sustained growth as the ProximaX system evolves. "

  • Some important business services can also be built by developers, including: Google Sheets, Tracking Software, Wrike, etc.
    "In my opinion it would be very useful to create Bots and other technologies assisted by AI (artificial intelligence), which can guide the client to develop within the platform to perform optimized searches so that he can find what he wants, making the user experience more enjoyable, as well as the creation of tutorials, forums and training courses. Induction for business development could also be very useful, as it would contribute to the growth of the average user in different areas of knowledge.Perhaps, a section that offers some recruitment opportunities or job boards within the ecosystem, doing micro tasks or some another type of functions that help enrich the platform interface would be a project very attractive that would surely increase the demographic figure. "

These are just some of the options ProximaX offers and its benefits over other existing platforms.

Tools for the development of projects in the same interface..


ProximaX offers all the tools to develop any type of projects in the same interface, this generates a positive impact on the growth of the platform. In this way, the active participation of developers in the creation of a multi-platform model with room for any item or proposal product of the creativity of software designers, computer engineers, blockchain developers, game creators, freelancers, entrepreneurs, is imposed. financiers, investors and more.

"Imagine that our platform can have its own Wallet, also its own Exchange service. It would be an incredible advance for ProximaX to be able to offer all the services that the client demands located in a single interface. I think it could also contribute to the massive adoption of the native XPX Token and its positioning in the cryptocurrency market."

ProximaX Basic Services

SIRIUS Storage and Supercontracts

One of the challenges assumed by ProximaX is to maximize its transactional speed. File management contributes to the interoperability of the system, indicating that a greater number of smart contracts could be processed in the shortest possible time.

For this, ProximaX uses the process called Fragmentation for distributed file storage. Within the Sirius chain, data is grouped in a P2P network, which is distributed in smaller fragments, in different nodes that work simultaneously, which emit a consensus result within the Sirius block chain, in record time, since They work continuously and with small units for easier processing. The information is housed in the storage nodes, leaving a traceable record.

"The great advantage of the distributed file management system (DFMS) is that the information distribution system is random and maintains anonymity, which acts as a security mechanism against sybil attacks (phishing)."

SIRIUS Streaming

When we talk about Streaming, it refers to a process where multimedia content data does not need to be completely downloaded to a computer in order to be displayed. The data transmission is carried out live continuously through a computer network with large storage capacity and processing power.

The service offered by Sirius is achieved by two methods:

  • Data is previously recorded in Sirius Storage before being transmitted to viewers. You can enjoy audiovisuals without taking up space on your CPU, since Sirius Storage takes care of the rest. It is mainly used for pre-recorded transmissions.

  • The data is transmitted live to the viewers; It mainly refers to streaming audio content and multimedia. The transmission is totally anonymous between the parties and in real time. Ideal for video conferences or broadcasts in live and direct information.

Messaging is without trust and in real time, through the PeerStream (PSP) protocol, there is greater security and high performance.

SIRIUS Consensus

The consensus protocol within ProximaX will be reached by vote, governance and reward collection. The resources of storage capacity and bandwidth provided by the ProximaX Nodes will be rewarded with XPX Tokens, content creators and application developers will also be paid based on their contribution to the platform.

SIRIUS Database System

The database with blockchain technology runs in a decentralized manner, storing records in a ledger (MongoDB), encrypted by a hash. The database is located in a layer with its own asset management and metadata storage.

"In this way the developers would feel familiar with the work environment and potential of the database based on the traditional blockchain model, enjoying the work and the development of new applications."

ProximaX Apps

ProximaX offers a number of useful applications, which can be further improved with the intervention of users and developers. Demonstrating that your model is open to multiple criteria and the acceptance of solutions that make the project grow more and more.

  • ProximaX KYC: Allows you to use the KYC security protocol (know your customer) to quickly and easily establish agreements between equal parties, for negotiation purposes.

  • ProximaX Suite: Allows to share in blockchain calculation documents, applications for word processing, with total security and privacy. Ideal for companies that handle sending data and information through the Web.

  • ProximaX File It !: Application to store and share files across multiple nodes on the ProximaX Sirius platform.

  • ProximaX Notes: To take notes and embed images, use encryption to ensure privacy.

  • Forensic ProximaX: Designed for researchers and scientists, it allows you to access and store digital evidence easily, quickly and safely.

  • ProximaX Identity: Verification system for personal information; It fits the data commonly managed in the public and private sectors.

Here are some use cases, which I have devised after studying in detail the ProximaX applications and which could be some of their potential uses:

Use Case #1:

"From the ProximaX applications mentioned above, I have been strongly attracted to the attention "ProximaX Identity", since I have been able to appreciate in my own personal experience that the data of public sector workers mainly is really large and the physical files that they have to keep the files of the personnel in charge, they are usually stored in filing cabinets and are never stored correctly in a digitalized database. This implies that over time the files suffer a great deterioration, being able to generate the total loss of the file. Therefore, I consider that taking advantage of the storage capacity and privacy of sensitive data offered by the application "ProximaX Identity", would contribute greatly to the files of personnel hired in the public administration."

So far the uses of ProximaX applications have been adopted by various areas of industry, government, sports, medicine, just to mention a few.

"I would say that its applications in education, pharmaceutical, in the food, textile, IoT and Artificial Intelligence industry, would also represent a potential achievement, mainly I think it would contribute to developing countries or other emerging nations for the early adoption of cryptocurrency and the uses of technologies built in blockchain."

Use Case #2:

For Example:

"Imagine the case of a person suffering from a chronic disease and requires daily consumption of some type of prescribed medication."

The creation of an intelligent application that allows the user to access from their mobile equipment or desktop computer, to the nearest pharmaceutical stores, where they can find any medication, according to their medical prescription.

Especially those that require insulin, anti-seizure, hypertensive, retroviral, related.

In this way they can track, some physical store or some online marketplace that allows you to compare prices, dosages, laboratory brands, etc.

Even that the specific medication can be sent to your residential address, if possible.

I think that such an application would be a great contribution built in ProximaX, alluding to its name.

"ProximaX, brings you what you need most"

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