Selfie Show Competition by @dobartim 😋

in contest •  6 months ago

I found a really interesting competition, where you have to place a "personal creative selfie photo" just in the comments, but I still wanted to make a post about it, since it took me quite some time to make a selfie-photo of myself with my beautiful giant bird-spider Ms. Rose, that is a Grammostola rosea. Sometimes she isn't in the mood and I can't even take her out of her terrarium, but yesterday she was doing fine. I still had to be careful though. You never know, what's going on in her tiny hairy little head. 😋😋😋

You can find more information about the competition here =>






Thanks for your time. 💙 I hope you will like this post. 😊 You can follow me for more posts about animals and other stuff and pictures as well. 😎 Enjoy life and see you soon. 😍

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thank you :)