Steemit Contest: Review A Horror Movie...Badly!

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OK all you creative types who enjoy writing about film, listen up. This here's a contest, see? I want to get your best worst take on your favorite horror films, and in order to encourage you, I'm willing to put my STEEM where your mouth is. Since we all love October, and October is the Official Scary Movie Month of literally everywhere in the world, what could be more timely and exciting than writing about horror movies?

Entry is simple. You don't have to upvote or resteem this post (although it would be awesome if you were to do both). All you have to do is write a humorous review of a horror film...badly. By "badly", I don't mean you need to use improper grammar or misspell a bunch of words; I mean write a review of the film which is hilariously inaccurate, takes things out of context, and makes it seem like you never actually watched the movie in question but felt qualified to give an opinion on it anyway. You know, like @blewitt does every time his stubby little fingers poke out a post concerning comic books.

I'm looking for the written equivalent of this:

Must Love Jaws

After writing my own awful review of Halloween, I asked, "Why should I be the only one having all the fun?", and thus this contest was born.

So go nuts. Go silly. Make me laugh. The harder I laugh, the more shares of @steembasicincome I'm going to award.

Wait, did you say SBI shares?

You bet your binky I did. Whoever wins is going to see 10 shares of SBI coming their way; second place will get 5, third place will get 3. For those not in the know, Steem Basic Income is a sort of universal income, insuring that you always get rewarded for the content that you produce. Anybody can join the program or expand their own shares by sponsoring another Steemian, which costs 1 STEEM per sponsorship, so I'm throwing 18 of my own STEEM out there as potential payment for your services, and if you win, you get upvotes on your content for life.

If you're going to enter, use the tag #badhorroreview as the first one in your post, and post a link in the comments below for some extra exposure. You've got until this post pays out (one week from today) to write and submit your entry, so get cracking. @janenightshade, @deadspace, @vincentnijman, this is all right up your alley. @blewitt, I made this so simple even you could enter. Don't disappoint me.

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Sounds like fun. What's the deadline? End of October?
@inuke @namiks you might like this too...

Challenge Accepted. ;-)

Bring it on! :D


One week from yesterday (basically until the post pays out) is the deadline. If people have fun with it, I may do a second round. ;)

Cool! I hope to manage to partake, as I will have my sister and her family visiting me in Portugal from tomorrow onward. I am already working on something, so I think I will succeed in writing an entry.

Funny, it's almost as if you read my mind....

I have been watching quite a lot of movies lately ( starting the last four weeks or so ) but got pretty fed up of writing movie reviews and have been tired of it for a long time. This contest brings the fun back to film( writing ). So, thank you!

Have a great day and you'll hopefully hear/ read from me soon ;>)

Well, if I inspired you, then so much the better! I think it's important for creative sorts like us to take off the 'serious' hat periodically and just have fun. I studied acting and English in college, and one of the creative writing exercises I loved was as assignment where we had to re-imagine what a movie would have looked like from the villain's point of view (ie: what if he thought of himself as the good guy, and all these other assholes kept trying to stop him from doing what he had to do).

The exercise was all about humanizing villains, to make sure that when you wrote a story with an antagonist you understood what made that villain do what he or she was doing. "Nobody," my professor explained, "is the bad guy in their own narrative." And it made total sense. All I really did was apply that to Halloween, and then adopt the persona of that insufferable "film snob who knows everything, even though he never took a single class on film, and probably never even watched the movie" asshole you find everywhere on the Internet.

Then I had so much fun doing it, I had to share. Thus, the contest! And I cannot WAIT to see what you review! :D

Gonna hop on this soon. :^)

Sorry I'm late on this, I've been busy huffing the smell of gamer essence, baby.

Lol. You aren’t wrong about me. That’s for sure. I’m reading NOTHING currently or for years actually. Lol

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Nothing except the entrails of your fallen enemies, you big ball of badassery. ;)

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Great! I'm gonna make one on Saturday. Resteemed this one.

Give me all you've got! :D

I'll definitely give this a try before the end of the month is up at least. Probably won't be in time for your contest, but it sounds fun. I'm gonna be spending the next 4-5 days trying to fix the mess that is my living situation, so I probably won't be able to write anything large out. Shit sucks, man.

Best of luck to you, my man! I hope everything gets squared away in your favor. :)

Well, if by that you mean feel like a pudgy middle aged clown came and stuffed his rectum into the very depths of your soul, then yes, I was quite squared away.

I'll have a post up for this though in the next 3-4 days. Gonna re-watch the movie I plan on reviewing to refresh my mind a bit.

Well, the contest has ended, and the results weren't as exciting as I had hoped, but that's OK. With only two entries, one by @darthnava and the other by @vincentnijman, I didn't even have enough to pick a third place winner. So rather than doing so, I just rounded the 18 STEEM I would have spent on three winners up to an even 20, and split it down the middle between both of them.

That's right: both entrants received the easiest 10 shares of @steembasicincome they've ever earned:


There's proof they were paid out, and since SBI is automated, I'd imagine that within a day they should be active and paying out. :)

Thank you both for playing, I loved your entries, and I hope to see more people participating in my next contest now that you know I'm good for it!

Hey, thanks a lot! May you have many more contests to run. ;D