CONTEST FOR GROW UP IN STEEMIT | TOPIC: Draw a new logo for @steemtuner community

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Hello blockchain family. Its a new week and a new episode.
The second exposure of ''CONTEST FOR GROW UP IN STEEMIT'' to give support all the newbie steemians. This contest is so easy for all. There is no hard rules. Everyone from everywhere can participate in this contest. No barrier at all.
So why wait for this.. join and participate your entry!


We got 3 winners from the last episode.

@fagun.pramanik as the 1st winner for this entry


@mavi89 as the second winner for this entry

Sin tfghítulo-1.jpg

and @josevas217 as the 3rd winner for this entry

perfil (1).jpg

Topic of this week: Draw a new logo for @steemtuner community


  1. Resteem this post so that others can see.
  2. Comment your best draw logo as entry and write a short description (50-100 words)
  3. Maximum 2 logos are allowed.
  4. Entry must be valid.

Or you can join @steemtuner community and their DISCORD

Prize: Winner will get 3 steem

This is a new episode. I will continue this contest every week.

This contest is being held on behalf of @steemtuner community


Steem Tuner is a community of Bangladesh to support globally all the steemians. Our mission is to empower all the steemians. We are encouraging people and bringing them here in steemit. We find many steemians who need support to develop their skills. Many of them have some special talent but they are not getting the opportunity to show the talent they have. We are arranging #show-us-your-hidden-talent through our @steemtuner community on discord. So that we can give them the opportunity to bring out their talent. Our future goal is to empower them on steemit.

NB: @steemtuner community needs strength from all of you. If you would like to Delegate some sp to support @steemtuner community project you can do so by clicking on the following links: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000



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Hello bro!

Is it still available? Its almost 7 days past.

No . But we are going to resume this contest for the next week.

Okay will be waiting for that.

Here is my entry for logo contest of steemtuner.I Don't know how to make logo,but i can give some concept,if you like you can use this. image

As everyone know that steemtuner is for all the steemians all over the world.They don't know any country and trying their best to help others.and the main theme is:

You!the architect of your destiny

i suggest to add a world map in the logo.Then write steemtuner. image

hey @mdshahin786.
i'm late here and post payout is very near.
only one person joined in this contest and i might join if you can give another day for me.
i think i'll be able to give you a good logo.

we are going to resume this contest for the next week. you can participate then.

will there be a new post?

One and only entry from me.

I've made the logo based on the word tuner.
the logo is with piano pad and there is S in capital letter and t in small letter.


If you like the concept; then I can edit it furthermore as I have the vector file.