Red! Well done Marianne!

We are growing bofo corn right now which got 22 feet tall :) crazy corn!! :)

What?!?!!? 22 feet tall?

Thats more than the whole pepper family laid end to end!

You are getting one :)

This doesnt even make sense! Do you use a ladder? Ive seen 12 foot tall, but 22....Im speechless - only textual responses! ;p

Imgur here it is in the background. We are letting it dry in place and then taking down the whole stalk to harvest. Since we planted it in the garden space in the existing beds - it was hard to keep it up. Needed to be grown closer together.

Oh my gosh I see someone back there, it really does look like more than 3 people combined!

it might be less than a full 22 feet - but it is tall - and 22 feet is a gooooood story :)

The best corn story I've heard this season! (Hands down!

And good corn stories are hard to come by ! :)) Too funny that there is a picture of a fish right under this - do you know any fishermen? The fish get bigger and bigger with each telling of the story :)