My life's biggest regret.and my Entry

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My biggest regret entry

Hello friends, everyone is a good. I hope that today I am sharing this story with you. It is really a romantic. Let's hear the story when I read class in Seven. I liked a girl and I could not tell her that I love her but our eyes I used to point out everything would have happened but I could not say that I was better than my loved one I fell in front of my friends suddenly one day friends asked me what happened, I said to my face that I liked this girl. I am standing silently on the occasion of our school day when one of my friends went to the girl and said Mamun, He likes me and wants to marry you. He heard me suddenly when he heard me I started going to my class room and I did not sit in a corner and I did not know what she was once I found her to find and she came to me and told me you can not tell yourself you are telling others that you love me how it happens. I do not know what to say. I told him I was afraid that if you leave me, if our friendship is ruined

This is my entry at @jason04 My Life's Biggest Regret Contest." If you want to join, please check his post below

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