resteemed here is my entry an original song I wrote produced deep house style great community bonding post... fantastic idea

Upped and resteemed ! Heres my entry which also includes a link to another contest as well for my fellow steemians to enter and maybe make even more money this one pays 50 steem and is on going !! Good luck everyone !

Heres my second pick , how I exchanged 1200 steem and made 2160.00 Canadian dollars for it !

I hope I have this post... you go look... I make B&W

I don't get a word of what you say....but I like your Photography, so I am following you now.

hey looftee, i've seen a few of your posts that have been interesting in my limited time on steemit. I think my recent post on how to talk to girls online would be helpful to men who find this difficult. #win10SBD resteemed.

Resteemed of course. Would you mind if I mention your win10sbd posts in my Kindness giveaways?

I would like to nominate a post by @cosmo.crator who is making ice wine:

congrats brother

TOO much for me... Ha but I support..Helping Others To Help (others)1 By 1. STEEM on. here is my post i think it it is under valued because it has cleared thousands of people of debt including my self of 6,000 pounds with different loan companies ,all you have to do is copy and send these 3 letters 10 days apart and they will write off your debt as the money didn't exist to begin with and they have you insured so its paid.its all a fraud on there be half the video explains why.

Posted this last night. While I realize that it doesn't appeal to everyone, I feel like it deserves a lot more love than it's gotten. I worked hard on it.

I post these every day, but they don't get any love. I would really love for this to take off and be a thing.

I feel like this should've received more attention because it's pretty damn unique, and folding cranes that small is not easy.


I did resteem it, by the way.

great idea!)))

Nice idea to build your own followership. Very smart of you. Kudos

If you think so, Thanks.

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Resteemed my dear friend @looftee. #win10SBD :)

Here's my post:

And don't forget also leave some feedback if you want a few freebies in exchange too Haha.

Edit: Oh, I also want to include in my comment/proposal a couple of posts from a good steemian friend and a magnificent author who from my point of view undoubtedly deserves a big bump up. :)

Here's the first nominee:

And here's the 2nd:

Steem On!! }:)

Hello. I have upvoted and resteemed your post. The post I would like to submit is A Steemit Community Project: The Hamburger Saint Project. The project is to help foster community bonding within Steemit and to remember Sgt. Michael Barkey KIA in Ar Ramadi, Iraq on July 7, 2004. Support of the community is highly important for this project to succeed and I am posting here as another avenue to gain attention to it. Thank you.

Great idea for a blog looftee - voted up, following and will resteem.

I will provide a link below to a post I made last night. It received over 200 up-votes in the first half hour alone, yet so far has only earned about $3.

Thanks for your consideration and opportunity for a little more publicity for this post.


I gave an account of my first 2 weeks on steemit, the ups and downs and I re-introduced myself and a lot of my passions within the post. I even drew a nice picture with paint. When I have lots and lots of Steem Power, I'm going to be throwing it around left and right, no contests, I'll just surprise you with it ;-P

Thank You @looftee
upvoted, resteemed & now following.
These contests are fun get people involved ( plus possible rewards :-)
Here is ---> My undervalued entry

I chose this article Because if I win, the exposure will be great
Im Hoping in Time to have a decent following, just for my Panama Blog
Thanks for your Consideration

I'll nominate a blog i came across that was really fantastic in content.

Btw, there is no way to tag a reply (for newbies at least)

RESTEEMED! UPVOTED! AND fOLLOWED! Here is my entry for this awesome contest!
#win10sbd Great idea!

Hi)) resteemed))))))))))

I have two for now

Thank you! Great idea)) By the way, you can earn with this too and submit posts mentioned here to curie if the reputation is below 60))

I don't believe in these things now, They may flag posts, which took hours to make.

Once I had that too.

flagged my 4 articles, each earning 20$.

ohh really...i have seen one only

well, all the others were hidden because of that. No worries, I am writing better things now.

When you say you no longer believe in "these things," what exactly are you referring to? Is this contest still on or did you silently cancel it?

I cancelled it because after organising 4 contests, not even a single one was fruitful, so I stopped it a long time ago.

Instead of just resteeming the winner can you add link? also.
not IT or computer geek. still trying to learn how to use this little magic ...give a month or two and then I might have an article ,or post worthy of this challenge!

Link to what?.....I will Post the link of winning post In the result. See My last Win10sbd results at the end and see for yourself that I post the link of results as well as some other mentions that are worth reading.