Let's Do a Lil bit of contest Today. (Emoji Deciphering)

in contest •  5 months ago

Decipher this Emoji

Yesterday I came across an emoji and decided to decipher its true meaning. It was very interesting when I found out lol. I'm just hoping you guys would be able to break the code as well.


  • The only rule is post a comment below (should be once)
  • Upvote this post
  • Resteem
  • Contest lasts 24hours after post /After the right answer is provided within the 24-hour frame

First person to answer correctly carries the price home


  • 1 STEEM - 2ND PRIZE (Assuming your answer was close enough / you posted your answer same time as the winner)

Let's Have Fun guys!!!!!

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Emoji is a way of expressing one self with a quick face. It might not always be true 🤣 as emojis can't talk

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When I'm looking at this emoji, there is one thing that it crossed my mind, "social media face" I talking about that time when you're sad and on the social media platforms you post that you're happy!


Great submission. I hope that you win. But dont forget to Resteem it's part of the rules lol


These emojis represent the emotions of joy & sadness —“we often smile & say we’re ok 👌🏻 but in reality we’re actually not ok and not happy! We pretend to be this “😄” to hide behind this “😞” .


Great submission @twodorks.!!!


Yey awesome! Great initiative by the way! 😊 (my true face right now HAHA)

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Here is the pretense face. Pretending to be happy when deep inside, all you feel is sadness.

I think the EMOJI is like human. It has two face. You cant be happy all the time, there is sadness behind every smile that we do not know. Sometimes to cover up the sadness tjat we feel, we tend to hide through our smiles or laugh. But deep inside we are hurting..

Oh gosh! Am i making this emoji all dramatic! Hahaha sorry i got carried away!

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representa el primer emoji la carita de alegria y el segundo emoji representa la carita regañada

Putting on a happy face to mask feelings of sadness or depression. Behind every happy face is a sad face.

The first emoji depicts excitement while the second depicts disappointment.

Nice contest @lexymaine.