Puzzle #6 solution

in contest •  4 months ago

hi everyone, we have 5 winners for puzzle 6, in order of time @perlanacarada @jdbs @elider11 @anasuleidy @teresah. @valenlove must have made a typo or has great sense of humor or some other honorable motive by answering 2 at least i had a big laugh 😂🤣😂🤣 @steemgh, the main character and hero in this puzzle, is winner by default. thanks @steemgh for allowing this puzzle without advance consulting inside your posting! Winners receive 1 steem shortly. winners and those worthy steemians who came just too late, thanks for playiiiiiiiing!

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congratulations to the winners! :D

Hello my friend how are you? congratulations to @valenlove and @perlnacarada I followed your blog and its content is great


thank you jennimorillo, i am somewhat okidoki😂🤣😂 🤔, great to have so many lovely steemians such as yourself around here!


Thanks friend, the same opinion of you

Hello dear friend indeed when transcribing my answer on the cell phone I do not realize I have prefered the 2 instead of the 1, but I'm glad that error has brought a smile on you. hahahahahaha A hug.

¡Wow grateful with your work and be a happy winner!

At the end I can win with one of your contests, ¡I'm very happy!

Tag your contest with #ulog @leew so that many can see and participate on it. It will also be seen by @surpassinggoogle


ok i try next time, thanks!

buena esa amigo felicitaciones a los ganadore