Artstorm Contest # 88 Day 7 - 'Arts' Week - Theme Today - Graffiti

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Hello friends! Happy start of the week! =)
I share a drawing for the contest promoted by @deemarshall whose theme is about grafitti.
I know it is very common to see typographic graffiti, but today many illustrations are made and very spectacular ...
When I made this illustration, I imagined it painted on a mural. It will have many meanings, but for me when I drew it, I wanted to express the sadness when some years ago my painting works were stolen, even today there are two of them circulating on the internet, of course the person painted it in their own way. A few of them I took pictures, and the rest I only keep in my mind ... It was very hard for me to the point of depressing me a lot since they had great meaning in my life.
As of today, although I still have that bad memory, I still paint and have my room as a museum with so many manual and digital illustrations, which makes me very happy =)
I must thank @organduo and @laputis very much for their constant support for Artstorm contests =)


Drawing process:

proceso (2).jpg

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Very eye-catching graffiti!

Thanks! =)

I can see the sadness and emotions in your graffiti art.

So is!

!giphy amazing