Word Poetry Challenge 13 "Fears" Final Update | Last Day of Submission | Win STEEMs

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Hello Steemians!

I would like to give you the final update of the challenge and I hope you'll help me reward and support these entries submitted. It's great to see a lot of poetries published in the Steem Blockchain under #wordchallenge tag. Will you be so kind enough to support and upvote these entries?

Today will be the last day of Submission (after 15 hours, the submission will be closed).

Thank you for the amazing entries submitted for this "Word Poetry Challenge" with the theme : "Fears". Word Poetry Challenge is a contest I initiated that exhibit the beauty of poetries created by our fellow Steemians published on the Steem blockchain.

You can Still Submit your Entries!

Everyone can still submit their entries. Just comment the link of your entries on the #wordchallenge's official post below :

Word Poetry Challenge #13 : "Fears" | English Edition

Overwhelmed by your support Steemit friends for participating in this event, here are the current entries submitted by our fellow Steemians

EntrySteemit Name
EntrySteemit Name
"Fears #2"@dcrealyn
"Fears #2"@stanestyle
"Fears #2"@etherealme

A Huge Shoutout to the Sponsor for this Week's Contest


and @surpassinggoogle for continuously supporting #wordchallenge posts

You can Still submit your Entries!

Everyone can still submit their entries before the deadline comes. This contest is open for all Steemians who wish to take part of the contest. The more entries, the more exciting it is to host. I wish to see more of the entries soonest :)

For the guide, please do check this post

Few Details and Reminders

End of Submission of Entries will be September 12, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. (GMT +8). Late submissions will no longer be accepted.

Winners of this contest will be announced on September 13, 2018 along with the prizes sent.

Thank you for Participating!

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His sir. I hope you wont forget my second entry :)

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

I was not able to upvote the original post because I did not see it until a few minutes ago, I did re-steem it and I upvoted this post.
My poem is in the comments of the original post
thank you