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Hi friends:) Hi Steemit !!! It's been a while since I posted here. I just don't know what to post so here I am now having a contest.

In life, sometimes, we do things that is unsupposed to be done and not do things that must be done. With those practices, regrets then follow. We regret because we have done something wrong and have missed the opportunity to do something right.

So for this contest,I want you to share about something that you regret.

This would really help you in receiving advices from our fellow Steemians and you could also express yourself.


  1. Comment your life's biggest regret.
  2. If you want to blog about this, put your links in the comment section below. (Better if you blog so that you can also earn rewards from your post)
  3. The winner will be announced after this post payout.
  4. Entries are valid before Post Payout


  • 50% of this Author's Post payout will go to the Best Composition
  • The remaining 50% will be distributed to all the participants.

UPVOTE: so that the winner and the participants will receive more

RESTEEM: so that many can join this contest and they can aslo receive a reward

"Everyone here wins something.
No one loses."

All SBD rewards of this post will go to the winner(50%) and participants(50%)

That's all for this post guys!! Join now to this contest to express yourself and for the community to give you advices in order not to make something that you will regret doing.

Have a nice day everyone!! Have fun...

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This is great :) ill join later :) hehehe

Me maybe hehe.

hello, below is my entry point of your contest. Thank you for posting this one.

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Thanks for your entry @uwanderer... Entry #2

Thank you.

the greatest regret that I could think of is not taking extra good care of myself seven months ago.

what happened was that I didn't know I was pregnant for 4 weeks which my husband and I had been always praying for. But I was not listening to my body when I felt something was hurting when I ride a motorcycle. until such point when I had felt a sudden pain in my abdomen, later on we found out I had ectopic pregnancy. it hurt so bad that I won't forget the event. i also have six inch stitch in my belly now which will be there forever. I wish I had listened to my body when I felt the first signs and went to the doctor.

entry #23. Thanks for joining ate @junebride:) Yehey, a new angel is born !! But still, thank God te for you and the baby is safe :)

unfortunately, we lost the baby dear...

I thought so, I'm sorry:( huhuhu

It took a lot to write this down. But I'm happy i did. Sometimes, opening a covered bandage helps the injury heal faster.

Entry #8

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Here is my entry for
My Life's Biggest Regrets
Thank you fo this contest!!
More power!!

Entry #13

Salamat @jason04

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Entry #17

Yay parang maganda din to ah., hehehe sana makasali ako dito.. Ayos sir. God Bless

Sali ka bro :)

I will make my entry tomorrow 😊

Actually..from whole my life history, I have many regrets story 😁 so I will pick the biggest one and then I'll write here for you 👌
very unique contest

The biggest regret of my life is that why i am not healthy? why i am born with a genetic abnormality which is incapacitating? Why me? Why not somebody else? For what guilt of mine? Will i ever be healthy? Will i ever get a chance to live happy life? Can i ever enjoy my life like my fellows? Will i ever be relieved of the stress, anxiety, depression that i have? Will i ever be given a chance to serve others? What is the life meant for then? Why i am living then?

Entry #3. @drqamranbashir do not overthink that too much. You know my friend, I know someone who has an inbord health disease.He looks like 8 years old where in fact, he is 14 years old right now. But you know what, he do not mind about those illnesses and he just focus on the things that he love. He has find his beauty and it is in arts. He loves painting and drawing. My friend, "You can only live the life that you have", you just have to do what you love and discover your own beauty. You may not be healthy but remember many people in the world are healthy but only a few of them is living a happy life. Do not overthink about some problems because it will lead to certain illnessess like depression. I know that you have your own talent and a purpose in this world. Learn to love yourself and discover your own beauty :)

Thanks dear @jason04 for creating a platform such as and giving us to share our valuable feelings with is my entry....

today i am telling my painful story but which came to me with great success.
i did love marrige when i was a student of a university .it was running 3rd year of my study.i was first girl in my department.but when my parents had listen it then they were detached me from that time the time was not so good for me.i stayed in my versity hall.but the most bad time was came to me when i became pregnant.then not only my parents but also my husband left me.slowly my final exam was coming.then i took dicision for suicide.but when i felt my babys movement then i couldnt do that.Then i did tution for children's and got some payment by that i carried my expenditure.I gave full concentration in my study.alawys i tried to feel fresh and didn't loss my hope.i just thought one day all are become changed.then the time came when my kid came to me and i participated in my final exam.that time was really really so hard.cause i did whole my work was too much last i got my results and it was sparkling.that time my parents and husband came back to me and accept me too.Now i realize the importance of parents and a good i do a job.and stay with my whole family.

Entry #4

hope i can join this contest bro hehehee i was doing my duty right now .

I will surely submit entry for this. I commend this contest initiative.

How I wish I had one, I would have said it all. Not that my life has been clean without regret but I don't just like talking about regrets. What is done is done. It all in the past now nothing can change it. I love your contest

I want to join in this contest. You had great idea mate hihi Godbless! 😊

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

very nice contest, I'll definitely join. I like the concept. :) Here's my entry.

Entry #5

Great contest!

I always wanted to be a programmer, but ended up taking a different series of college courses. It is never too late though!

Entry #6

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I guess my biggest regret in my life, is when I couldn't forgive myself after I've lost one of my closest bestfriend.
Ive spent 13 years with my bestfriend and when we split up because of a quarrel, we couldn't help but step on each others pride and became really unforgiving towards one another. Although I did my best to patch it up, it didn't work, and it really hurts every time I see him, and I SEE HIM ALOT, whenever I see him all those memories and hurt comes back to me it just sucks really, and I keep thinking to myself that I was somewhat are fault for not trying hard enough, I feel like breaking down whenever I see him but I just put on a cold face and pretend to be happy, so I guess thats my biggest regret

Entry #7

There are so many regrets that one could think about. Which one will I talk about?

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Thank you for joining @botefarm.Entry #1

Entry #9

Firstly ..this is a really great contest..even if may be painful for whoever gets back in time to write down his/her biggest regret..

I will start saying that I don't have the best past a person could wish for..and there are lots of regrets..but probably the deepest one is that I haven't learned to appreciate people enough when they were still part of my life..and no, I wasn't a bad human but just that I haven't really noticed how important is to be there all the time for someone and learned this when it was too late and that person had already left you behind..
I know my story it's pretty general and I haven't entered in too many details, that's because is still very painful and I'm sure will always be..the thing is that there was this guy who changed my life radically and it's been like 2 years since I'm fighting with depressions and insomnia but in the same time working with myself to become better and better everyday..yes it's a big regret that I haven't appreciated enough that person but it was also a lesson learned pretty rough who had a great impact on me..

Entry #10

Entry #11

Entry #12

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Thanks at Jason04 for allowing me share this here. It a nice initiative.

My biggest regret was disobeying my parent. Going against their advice to wait another year before going to school so I can avoid choosing the wrong course of study but I never listened to them. Now am in school and their seems to be nothing that can make me for in love with this course and about. I still read on my interest in management, it mostly the reason I kept getting Fs in this history course I was giving. My regret was been too hasty and not listening to them back then.

This is the link to the post on my blog.

Entry #14

Wow! Thanks for initiating this contest. Ill surely join later

Entry #15

My biggest regret was having to stopped school for three years despite my friends and parents' advise. It was a big mistake and a bad decision that I continued to regret till date but thank God, I have been to complete my education now, after wasting so many years fooling around.

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Entry #16

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Entry #18

Hey @jason here my blog post for ur contest.plz do visit my blog ty..

Entry #19

Does "tag" matters?.. I mean i didnt used steemph as iam not frm phillipines...

it does not matter:) I'm just focusing on the composition... Thanks for joining:)

Entry #20. Thanks for joining:)

Heres my entry for this contest
God bless

Entry #21. Thanks for joining:)

Entry #22. Thanks for joining :)

Thank you @jason04

I will join. Laters baby

Hello bro! Btw, below is my entry for this contest.. men! i cried making this.. hopefully i could finally forgive myself and recover from pain..

Entry #24. Thanks for joining:)

Hello. Finally, I've joined your contest. Thank you for making this kind of contest. Here is my entry:

Entry #25. Thanks for joining :)

any certain tag to use so it will get to you?

just comment the link here maam:) Thank you :)

Entry #26. Thanks for joining bro :)

I have resteem as instructed,hope to share my link shortly

Entry #27. Thanks for joining:)

Entry #28. Thanks for joining:)

Thanks for checking.

Thanks for this great is my entry

Entry #29

Entry #29. Thanks for joining :)

My biggest regret in my life is not giving too much time to my mom when she was still alive. We used to separate since I was a kid when she was working in Luzon. But when she was assigned to our place in Mindanao, I chose to work in Luzon for the chance to work abroad. Until one day, she got very ill. I resigned my job to take care of her but it was too late, after 4 months she passed away. 4 months is not enough to be with her. I regret that I chose to be far from her instead of staying.

Entry #30. Thanks for joining :)

This is a wonderful contest and I had such fun writing my entry!!

Entry #31. Thanks for joining :)

finally was able to make my post here is my entry :

Entry #32. Thanks for joining :)

Entry #33. Thanks for joining :)

Thank you too..

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Entry #34. Thanks for joining te :)

Welcome dong

Entry #35. Thanks for joining :)

Entry #36. Thanks for joining :)

My life's biggest regret is not buy enough dollars 5 years ago wen i had the money to do it because I am from Venezuela and here, for all the economic troubles, the people who have dollars live well and help their familys much better than people who gain in Bs.

Entry #37. Thanks for joining :)

Thank you!

If I could have a time machine.
My greatest regreat is I never told Him that I have a feelings for him too.

Entry #38. Thanks for joining :)

Life is full of regrets. Things i should or should not have done continually plague us as humans. I have had several. First would be letting my pride get in the way of my friendship with great people. I have lost good friends because i was too proud to accept my faults and apologise. I am getting better at apologising for my shortcomings.
Another regret is a bad habit of mine which i am trying hard to break. The habit of procrastination. This has not done anyone good. Good opportunities have passed me by because of this habit.
I could go on and on but i think i would stop here.

Entry #39. Thanks for joining :)

Entry #40. Thanks for joining :)

My biggest regrets would be my emotions, and being lazy.. Staying by myself, not wanting to relate with people, this has made me to miss out on a lot of great things and sometimes I hate myself for all of these

Hi, I hope I'm not too late in giving an entry.

Hope you have a good read and get some takeaway from my write-up.