Streamity smart contracts system has taken over the middle man "escrow"

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Welcome to the world of safety transactions were the bot's have taken over. P2P streamity it's the world of smart bot's the police of blockchain technology. The smart media contracts bot's
Since 2009, different forms of cryptocurrencies have emerged into the market. Some being very useful to the general users, while others have a definite specific purpose.

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Project forcus

StreamDesk is the first ever decentralized platform for exchanging crуptоcurrеncy for any currency, which allows users to trade without intermediaries, guarantees fair deals and security thanks to the architecture of smart-contracts and API of payment systems.

video from the streamity

Unlike our normal daily banking transactions in various locations of the world with over millions of banks across the globe or any patten or transactions that occurs on daliy lifestyle. The cryptocurrence industry built on the blockchain technology need more and strong strength of security guard, trust and confidentiality among user's to make the market enjoyable and friendly. But since the human nature wil always speak in individuals @streamity decentrizeing the digital market using a smart media contracts with the efficiency of bot's.

Imagine let's say @john want's to buy Bitcoin from @Peter. Peter wants John to send the cash first, while Peter wants john to send the Bitcoin first. A very common dilemma in any exchange. Instead of hiring a trustworthy third-party to escrow their exchange, they can use StreamDesk


Purpose of Streamity

series of cryptocurrency exchange platforms already exists with others attempting to incorporate a variety of cryptocurrencies under one platform as well. But a lot of flaws and unnecessary malfunctions and user dissatisfaction are being reported by users of these exchange services. Anomalies ranging from server blackouts for very long hours, causing users to lose millions of dollars to a full takeover of customer deposits by malicious hackers have recently hit a series of existing cryptocurrency exchange service providers.

Streamity at the same time will take cryptocurrency exchange to the next level by implementing a community choice token, the Streamity Tokens (STM) which will also be used for all transactions within the Streamity network. The STM tokens will be available for exchange to any of the major cryptocurrency. The platform will add the major Fiat Currencies traded worldwide. To sign up on streamdesk Sign-up Buy and sell cryptocurrency with minimum fees!

Important of streamity

The project has devoted a great deal of resources to develop and test its solution to this problem which are improvement of cryptocurrency transaction propagation speed.

These will cover all the cryptocurrencies listed in the market and live feeds of market data for all the listed cryptos and companies will be transmitted in real time

Since smart contracts alone do not ensure complete transaction security of the transaction stream fluxing through the system, having a trust of transaction within a business market only is a massive advantage because nobody will like to lose his or her efforts out of incompetence.

Streamdesk Sign-up coming into the role of escrow as a bot's will give a mass adaption between both The buyer and seller

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video explainaction of streamity

Mass adaption

There’s no shortage of exciting and convenient payments technologies these days, but none are as buzzworthy as P2P payments. In fact, it has been estimated that mobile P2P transactions volume could reach $86 billion in the U.S. by 2018. So what are the Advantages and Risks of P2P Payments?

Hands down the main advantage with P2P payments is the convenience, speed, and ease-of-use. As mentioned earlier, transferring funds from one person to another can be accomplished through a click of a button.

meanwhile for the most part, P2P payments are also secure because they’re encrypted and have fraud monitoring capabilities. With payments like bitcoin, however, all transactions are tokenized and recorded in a real-time ledger so it’s much more challenging to commit any fraudulent activities. Also, since platforms like bitcoin emphasize anonymity, they don’t contain much personal information, so data breaches are usually not as detrimental.

The Phase 2 of the crowdsale will start on June 25th. The project has already raised over $4 million to date.

To join the white list or information from streamity visit the website streamity

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