My life biggest regret contest hosted by jason04

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It always hard to say this to anyone cause it mistake I made while disobeying. They can't know about it, and they must never know regretted it. But I will be happy to share it here at least it will relieve some regrets.

While applied for my University of Choice back in 2015, I applied for Business Administration and Management but due to some circumstances surrounding my results I was given A course in education which is B. Edu
History Education.

I knew teaching or talking has never been my strong point but I took this course anyways because the excitement was too much. I was so excited I was admitted in first among 100, 000 applicants.

Now, I no longer have interest whatever in the course and everyday in class seems like punishment but that not has worst has having to read the course on paper.

Although, I still on business but I will never be happy about what am getting a degree on.

@jason04 thank you for the opportunity.

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