The Steemit Creative Curation Show with Shane and Isaria // Episode 44 this Sunday Night // Submit Your Creative Post for a Chance to be Curated and Promoted During the Show!

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The Steemit Creative Curation Show with Shane and Isaria

Join me and @swelker101 as we sing horribly for no reason, randomly yell at each other, conduct the airing of grievances, and promote posts by talented, creative Steemians!

We promote as many posts as we can during the show and choose 10 submissions to curate!

I'm thankful for everyone who takes the time to submit something each week. All the submissions are fantastic and I can never decide which ones to I make my cat do it.

Submit Your Creative Post for a Chance to be Curated and Promoted During the Show!

You can submit your Steemit link here in the comments.

Please make sure that your submissions are original, creative works (music, art, fiction, poetry, etc).

We will promote as many submissions as we can during the show. Those in the audience chat get priority.

10 posts will be curated using the MSP-Curation account, and the MSP-Music account!

Curations will take place the day after the show (Monday) so make sure your submission is within the payout time frame!

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, June 30th at 11:00 AM CST.

Here's What We Promoted During Episode 43

Camouflage II - Making of by @patschwork

Zeus en el Monte Olimpo Trial by Comics Inspirational Steemit Artists by @eliu

Colores Exoticos by @rosiryscg

Amor patológico/ Semana 19 by @razielmorales

by @robertorangel

ALTERATION OF THE FORM / W#19 🎨 by @xioprato

Hikeadelic Imagery from yesterday's Nature Trek.
by @soundwavesphoton


A Bit More Drawing: "Thursday" In Graphite
by @eveningart

Nothingness (Not) by @chinyerevivian

Mirror Image - Day 41 Selfie Freewrite Celebration by @wandrnrose7

MY ENTRY FOR "ART EXPLOSION - WEEK 41 - Theme: NATURE" by @kennitgabriel



Please join us for Episode 44 of The Steemit Creative Curation Show this Sunday Night 6-7 CST!

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excelente dibujo xio! maravilloso arte


Muchas gracias, ustedes también dibujan bellísimo @robertrz

This is my entry @isaria. I have been sleeping off for like two weeks now so I have been missing the shows but I'd be on the show this Sunday.

Anyhow, here's my humble entry;

These are some amazing creators - thanks for gathering them together and sharing.

Cheers to you and your support!


Here is my submission. This is a drum playthrough featuring my boyfriend Emidio.

Band: The Autist
Album: The coldest sun
Song: The sanctuary.
Drum playthrough feat Emidio Alexandre.

Hi Shane and Isaria,

Here is for your consideration my painting, Cheers!


I made a cover of one of Serena's songs a challenge for cover a steemian. Also a shoutout to @paintingangels as we know each other so long. Hugs

Hola saludos a todos y como siempre, mucho éxito!
este mi música original. Espero les guste.
Please consider delegating to the @msp-music account. You will not only be helping the members of our creative community, but you will also receive automatic upvotes on your posts as well!

Hello @isaria
If I'm not totally late, i'd love to put this in as my entry...thanks for all your support

Hi there- I've only just seen that you included my post in your curation here- thank you so much - what an honour! E x