Punday Monday Ninety-One Day Triple FUNDAY. (Not Sunday, MONDAY! Not a day to shun day. Not every Blanket-One day, just on Monday will it be Punday.)steemCreated with Sketch.

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Welcome to Punday Monday!


Hope you don’t mind a little self-promotion at the top, here. @steemfiction has published my work, along with the work of @stinawog, @janenightshade, @felt.buzz, @jeezzle, @manoldonchev, @giantbear, and @blueeyes8960
Do you know what’s fun? Having an author page: Brendan Weinhold, Author Extraordinaire

New To Punday?

Pull up a stool, order a spiked PUNch, and get to know some of the regulars. I'm your PUNtender, @improv.

How To Make a Pun

This contest is open to everyone. Here's a handy dandy guide on how to make a pun: Learn to Pun

Rules for the PUN-test:

  • If you hope to win a prize, your pun must be your original work
  • Puns must be relevant to the topic of the week to win a prize, but they can be very loosely related.

Last Week's Punday Monday:

Here is last week's Punday Monday, and all the puns that were eligible to win this week are in the comments!

Hang on to your PUNderwear. The Winners of This Week's PUNday Monday Are...

(GIF by @littlescribe)

Rookie of the Week:

@getyourstuff! Welcome!

Pocket Choice Awards:

Whoa! Cray Cray. I had to make a spreadsheet. There was nearly a tie (there were also a lot of typos, so check your work next time, folks, but I knew what you meant and counted them. If anyone ever creates those accounts, they’ll find that they start with some #POCKET).
Zooming in at the last second, @getyourself stole the win from themself and made it so @richatvns came out on top!

You can see all the action here: https://steemit.com/pocket/@improv/5atdvb-pocket-friday

  • POCKET Choice Winner's Circle Season One:

@aloha-creations, @professorbromide, @tcpolymath, @miniature-tiger, @lilygolightly, @chrisroberts, @stinawog, @f3nix, @doctorcrypto, @heroic15397, @littlescribe, @diebitch, @acolucky, @ablaze, and @paul.atreides.

  • POCKET Choice Winners' Circle Season Two:

@ablaze, @coinsandchains, @dollarsandsense, @doctorcrypto, @heroic15397, @littlescribe, @jk6276, @acolucky, @deceth, @richatvns

Grand Prize (which isn’t bigger than the other prizes, just grander):

  • Best Pun

  • Best Pun of the Entire Week

  • Best Overall Pun


@paul.atreides! One after another after another amazing hits. I think X-PLANE was my favorite, though. Plus the bada-bing always helps, ;).

And What Prizes Do They Win, You Ask?

  • Full Strength, 100% Upvote!

Why, as usual, all the punsters got full strength upvotes on their submissions from @improv. This week they also got votes from @freewritehouse! They will next week, too! Together, these upvotes could total in excess of five whole cents!

  • SBI

Which are little bitty upvotes on all your content forever. See @steembasicincome for details. I’ll send one to all of our qualified entrants this week!
Our entrants were:
@richatvns, @coinsandchains, @acolucky, @paul.atreides, @getyourstuff, @cali914, @wpkwolfe, @cyrus33


Our winners get bonus prize SBI for winning!

Congrats, @richatvns, @paul.atreides, @getyourstuff!

  • @tipu Tip + @improv 100% upvote to the post of your choice

Our category winners will each get to choose a post (of their own or someone else's) and I will give that post a fully powered upvote and a @tipu tip!

This Week's Pun Topic Is:

St. Patrick’s Day!
It just passed, so...
As in,
Why were the geologists so upset to learn that the Blarney Stone was actually not a stone at all, but a plant?
They couldn’t believe they’d been fooled by a sham rock!

I'm So Good at Puns

If you've never punned before, it might seem like magic! You can do it, too! Learn how in My Free How-To Guide on Punning!

@comedyopenmic seems to be on hiatus, so we’ll take a pause.

Sponsors, related content, prizes, and money


@improv/ @freewritehouse

I mean, am I a sponsor of my own contest? Yes? I guess? Also, because I’m involved in @freewritehouse and they’ve/we’ve hosted Punday Monday events over on that page, I’d like to suggest that they (we) are also a sponsor! Regardless, check out the @freewritehouse community! Furthermore, they/we’re using their SP to upvote your puns!


We are one of Curie’s chosen communities! Prizes have doubled in season 2, thanks to @curie’s sponsorship! Curie curators do tremendous work making sure unrecognized authors of quality content get recognized and rewarded! They do great work sifting through the heaps of posts to find the undiscovered gems.

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Another glorious Punday Monday victory! Thank you! I have found that I am unable to make puns unless I start the day with a big bowl of cereal. So if I win again this week I will have to THANK MY LUCKY CHARMS.


Thanks for playing with us!

I am back to try again sorry I have been away.

I took a DNA test turns out I am 23.5 Irish and British. Explains why a quarter of the time I fight with myself. Yet also why I try not to worry, and beer happy.


Thanks for playing with us!


Thanks for supporting it

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This is a difficult topic for me. It's probably because I'm not Irish.

I tried to change my nationality one time before and I won't try again.

That's right. I went to Helsinki and took the citizenship test. Maybe it was the language barrier, but I couldn't Finnish.


Haaaa. Ironic

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Thanks for playing with us!

I have the coolest girlfriend. She grew up in Belfast and really knows how to live life. So we just finished celebrating St. Valentines day and she was planning ahead and gave me a gift certificate to buy her something special to wear in sexy lingerie on the next holiday.

So I went to friend Victory and Said can you keep a secret. I told her I'm on an ERRAND, GO, for a BRA, to show my support a pair of Irish eyes on St. Patricks Day.


Thanks for playing with us!

So I used to do play music in this dive bar, these rough and tumble Razorbacks Fans would come in get piss drunk would request the same song over and over and do the the worm on the dance floor So after playing Holiday on the Green Day Album for the upteenth time I still don't know if we were celebrating St.Patricks or GroundHog Day


Thanks for playing with us!

I would love to win 2 weeks in a row, I hope I get what IRISH for!

Hooray! I finally have a post to be upvoted. It is nothing fancy, in fact, it is rather PLAIN: