DeepOnion Daily Giveaway Thread - 2 Onions Per Day

in contest •  8 months ago

Hello fellow Steemians. In order to regain some traction on my account here and to promote my favorite anonymous currency, I'll be doing a daily giveaway for two DeepOnion coins. I may change it up every now again as to how you win, but for the first day, it's simple:

  1. Upvote
  2. Re-steem
  3. Write any sort of reply - just so I have your username

For the first day, I'll be putting everyone's username in an Excel sheet and randomizing the order to pick a winner. Once a winner has been picked, I'll update the thread and request a wallet address - easy stuff.

Your entry must be in by midnight EST to be included. I'll draw the winner tomorrow morning and update the thread before 12 noon. This will be occurring for the foreseeable future, so keep checking if you don't win the first day.

Each day, I'll include a little bit about the coin, but since we're just getting started, I'll simply link to the FAQ:

DeepOnion and crypto have been good to me, so I'm excited to share the wealth (though it's currently a bloodbath out there). Keep checking daily for giveaways and information regarding my favorite crypto!

*Slight edit - if we don't have at least 10 contestants, the pot will roll over into the next day. So if we have less than 10 today, there will be no winner but the pot will become four onions and so forth.


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Keep it up!
All the best!

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Good luck

is deeponion more secure than xmr?


I think both coins have their place, but what excites me about DeepOnion is how new it is - just started in April of 2017. Lots of stuff coming out this year like mobile wallets and DeepSend, which is what will obscure the transactions beyond it just running on TOR.

I've got nothing against Monero, but I see Onion as a great community with a better upswing percentage-wise on the price.

Its actually my first day of hearing about this coin, I will make out time to study it more.


Much obliged, it's very much worth looking into to! Since you were the first to reply AND re-steem, I'll send you one Onion when I get home later today if you create a wallet address and post it here. Thanks!
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DeepOnion community is great. Why not grab 100 ONIONS for cheap now and join the weekly Airdrop (still a few rounds left)?


Its only 50 Onions that are needed ;)

Sounds good!